Newsletter #63
November 12, 2020

Village of Endicott Board Meeting on
Monday, November 16, 2020.
Sign up by Noon tomorrow to speak

Keep those "No Incinerator" lawn signs up! 
The fight is not over.

We want to thank all of you, our greater NoBurnBroome team, for your support. You all have helped us so much, and in so many ways. We are forever grateful. 

We are thrilled that Nick Burlingame and Pat Dorner have been elected to the Endicott Board of Trustees. NoBurnBroome expects them to continue their stance on the incinerator issue.  

The fight is not over! NoBurnBroome is continuing to actively oppose the incinerator and we encourage everyone to continue showing your opposition by:
  • Attending the Board of Trustees meetings. Strength in numbers.
  • Keeping those "No Incinerator" signs up in your yards.
  • Continue to educate yourselves via the information and links in these newsletters, and send the info to concerned family and friends.

Next Village of Endicott Board Zoom meeting:
Monday, November 16, 2020 AT 7:00 P.M. 

BY NOON on Friday, November 13, 2020: 
If you want to speak at the meeting you need to send an email to with your name and the topic you want to discuss.
Mentioning general terms such as "SungEel" or "Recycling" etc. is sufficient.

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