new lawn sign!

Newsletter # 5

June 9, 2020

We ordered 100 of this new lawn sign
and we will have them on Friday. They are double-sided with these two messages.They come with metal stakes.

We Need
A place to sell them. Do you have a lawn facing a busy street in Endicott where we could sell them? We would like to start selling them on Friday at a time convenient to you. We will bring a table and take full control. Email MaryAnn if you will let us use your lawn to sell the lawn signs. Many thanks.
COST for this lawn sign :
A donation.
We also have home-made signs!
Cost: a donation.
If you want to leaflet your area, let us know how many you want.
Email Calli for both Lawn Signs and Leaflets

We have a hired a lawyer to help
us fight this proposal.
We have to fight the Lithium Battery-Incineration
process proposed for Endicott
with everything we have.
We have set up a fund for donations for legal fees.
Please give what you can

Why NoBurnBroome?
Air emissions know no boundaries. We don’t want any community in Broome to have to deal with this kind of toxic assault in the 21 st Century. It’s at times like this that we have to help each other. We want and need jobs, but not at the expense of cancers in our children, family, or neighbors. We need clean technologies that respect our health and environment.

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From Ellen C. for the Team at NoBurnBroome.com
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