Newsletter #47
October 12, 2020

Press Release from No Burn Broome

Questionnaire shows Broome County candidate viewpoints on Endicott incinerator
In September 2020, sent a questionnaire to decision-making Broome County candidates running for office in November on their position regarding the proposed Lithium-ion Battery Recycling-Incinerator facility in the Village of Endicott.

The NoBurnBroome team, members of the Republican, Democrat, Green, and Independent parties, reviewed the responses and concur in supporting the following candidates:

No Burn Broome supports these Candidates

Endicott - Patrick Dorner - Trustee
Endicott - Nicholas Burlingame - Trustee
Union - Thomas Augostini - Councilman
Union - Frank Bertoni - Councilman
Union - Lori Wahila - Councilwoman
Chenango - Terry Kellogg - Councilman
Johnson City - Benjamin Reynolds - Trustee
County Legislature - Terri Farrell - Legislator – District 6
County Legislature - Jason Shaw - Legislator – District 8
County Legislature - Karen Beebe - Legislator – District 12

Two opened-ended questions allowed candidates to write their opinion of the proposed Lithium-ion Battery Recycling-Incinerator facility and what they believe the biggest risk is.

Questions were also asked about the Candidates’ position on the project, as well as their awareness of pollution from past industries in Endicott, and cancer-causing substances currently in Endicott’s drinking water that are far in excess of the safe limits. Links to educational resources for these issues were also provided to the candidates.

In their responses, the candidates unanimously indicated that the currently contaminated areas in Endicott should be remediated and that it is unacceptable in the 21st Century for communities to be forced to accept a polluting industry.

When asked whether Endicott should accept this first-of-its-kind battery recycling-incineration process in the United States, that will release serious toxins and four known human carcinogens into the air per the March 2020 Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Air Permit, the answer was a resounding "No." All candidates who responded also demonstrated their commitment to take action to protect their constituents from these types of harmful projects.

NoBurnBroome provides this information to Broome County voters as part of their decision-making process.

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