Drumstick Dash LA | November 25
Hope of The Valley Rescue Mission is proud to announce its sixth annual Drumstick Dash LA 2021, set to take place Thanksgiving day. More than 5,000 participants are expected to run, jog and walk either a 5k or 10k course through the NoHo Arts District to benefit Hope of The Valley and their mission in helping the homeless. This year’s Drumstick Dash LA is set to break their 2019 record as the largest Thanksgiving run in Los Angeles. More>>
The Martha Graham Dance Company | November 19
The world-famous Martha Graham Dance Company returns to The Soraya with the “most skilled and powerful dancers you can ever hope to see” ("Washington Post”). They'll perform the piece "Appalachian Spring," a celebration of the American spirit on the frontier set to the stirring Pulitzer Prize-winning music of Aaron Copland. Accompanying the dancers LIVE will be Wild Up, Christopher Rountree’s excitingly modern ensemble of classical musicians that play with raucous energy that “The New York Times” calls “irresistibly exuberant.” More>>
The MaD JaCKRaTS "Makin’ a Movie" | November 21
There’s nothing quite as electrifying as live improvised comedy, and LPNSImprov troupe The MaD JaCKRaTS deliver a fun take on the art form with their monthly comedy show "Makin’ a Movie." Each show opens with a quick musical parody based on the month’s theme and then continues with three improvised segments which kick off with an audience suggestion. The talented group of improvisers weaves each suggestion into a story complete with plot twists and wacky characters to create a hilarious “mini-movie” on the spot. More>>
Luminario Ballet’s “Hard As A Rock” | November 21
After almost two years, Luminario Ballet is BACK! Harder, faster, higher, and more exciting than ever! "Hard As A Rock” will showcase new works and revivals of unique contemporary ballet and aerial dance set to truly invigorating, earth-shaking, rock, classical, and un-classifiable music!  More>>
“TURKEYS! The Musical!” | Through November 28
Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group is proud to present the ultimate version of Ian Michaels’ Thanksgiving season theatre extravaganza. With harvest season upon them, a rafter of singing turkeys seeks to discover the truth behind the massive Turkey-Disappearance that happens every year, all while navigating the trials of Turkey-Love, Turkey-Family, and even some trouble from the Dog Cops! More>>
“Santasia - A Holiday Comedy" | December 3-25
The Los Angeles sensation and Off-Broadway New York hit, returns LIVE! The critically acclaimed musical sketch comedy show features Broadway musical parodies, heartfelt sentiment and classic Rankin and Bass inspired Claymation movies. The popular and celebrated live stage show has run in Los Angeles for the past 22 years. “Hilarious…smartly executed…a side splitter…” – LA TIMES More>>
“A Journal of the Plague Year” REVIEW | Through December 19
This stirring and obviously very relevant story of pandemic sickness is told through the account of a businessman, H.F., living in London in 1664, when the black death hit the world hard and killed half the population of London. The Write Act Repertory shows are never far away from the current narrative, so I’m not surprised that they take this opportunity to address what is happening still all around us in such a dramatic and profound way. Usually, theatre is our window on worlds we do not ourselves populate. However, in this case, this play is about something all of us can relate to... More>>
"A Comedy of Tenors” REVIEW | Through December 12
It’s a farcical tour de force. The actors are delightful, disarmingly good in fact. They balance the drama and the comedy perfectly. Never seeming over the top, even when the plot requires it and always performing with the most fabulous comic timing and panache. More>>
Soaring Solo Creating vs Conforming
So, in spite of this possible rejection, how do you as a solo artist stop conforming and speak your truth? This month’s blog focuses on Creating vs Conforming. In particular, three ways to embrace your unique perspective.
“The Game’s Afoot” | November 26 - January 2
The Group Rep presents Ken Ludwig’s “The Game’s Afoot” (or Holmes for the Holidays), a holiday mystery farce. In December 1936, a Broadway star admired for his performances as Sherlock Holmes has cast members to his country home for a weekend when the festivities in his isolated house of tricks and mirrors quickly turn dangerous. Danger and hilarity are non-stop in this glittering whodunit set during the Christmas holidays. More>>
"The Uninvited Guest” REVIEW | Through November 21
 “The Uninvited Guest” is a fascinating play. What begins as a comical rumination on regular human fears and frailty evolves into metaphysical conversation on who God is and what we humans are turns, and then turns dark and all the more riveting when those secrets come calling. More>>
What We're Listening to...Shygirl's "Cleo"
Shygirl’s “Cleo” single is a movie soundtrack song. A song cinematographers and club goers both would love. It opens with a symphony. Really. Then, about a minute in, she comes in with some 90s dance music, reminiscent of Robin S’s “Show Me Love” and a bit of “Finally” from Cece Peniston. The video, directed by Trinity Elis, is a fantasy movie romance that fits effortlessly with the bold, cinematic orchestral opening and the house groove mix. More>>
Pitfire's Fall Menu
Some of the Pitfire’s fall menu items are returns of guest favorites from years past, and some are brand new flavors to fall. “The vibes of Pitfire’s fall menu are definitely in favor of seeking comfort. We really all deserve a chance to treat ourselves maybe more than ever this year and enjoy the turn towards a new season." -Pitfire  More>>
“Christmastime Origins” | December 4 – January 2
“Christmastime Origins” is based on the book “The Eight Plays of Christmas” written by longtime theatre journalist, radio host and critic Julio Martinez, The four pieces being performed are radio plays and deal with the source origins of the most beloved things about Christmas. The Group Rep turns their upstairs theater venue into a radio studio (K-GRT) with actors at microphones, live music and foley sound. More>>
What Do You Wear for Headshots?
Are you looking to get actor headshots? Here is a headshot tip that might be useful, from Headshots by The Light Committee: Generally, avoid getting too specific with wardrobe. A proper jacket can translate as a detective, biker, and more instead of wearing a badge prop, etc. that paints you in only one light. More>>
Hotel Amarano
Welcome Home. Your host is Amara and her home is your home -the beautiful Hotel Amarano. The name “Amara” means grace, mercy and kindness, and Hotel Amarano exudes the qualities of its namesake by offering an elegant, graceful retreat nestled minutes away from the world’s entertainment capital. Book The Amara Room package that includes a Welcome Gift, complimentary parking, WIFI, bike rentals, room upgrades (based on availability). You'll feel right at home. More>>
Changes Are Coming to the NoHo Arts District
Meet District NoHo, a new North Hollywood development and one of the largest in the NoHo Arts District’s 20+ year history.  More>>