The Satin Dollz | Saturday, August 28
In their popular show “Pin Up Revolution,” The Satin Dollz invite you to join in on the nostalgic fun in an immersive and intimate setting while being entertained by big band classics and vintage mashups. The throwback evening includes sizzling close harmony vocals, showstopping tap dancing and charming banter with the audience.  More>>
The MaD JaCKRaTS Makin’ a Movie | Sunday, August 29
There’s nothing quite as electrifying as live improvised comedy, and LPNSImprov troupe The MaD JaCKRaTS deliver a fun take on the art form with their monthly comedy show Makin’ a Movie. Each show opens with a quick musical parody based on the month’s theme and then continues with three improvised segments which kick off with an audience suggestion. The talented group of improvisers weaves each suggestion into a story complete with plot twists and wacky characters to create a hilarious “mini-movie” on the spot. More>>
"Toxic Vampyre” | August 27-September 11
Zombie Joe’s Underground’s all-new, fun, scary, strange, contactless and covid-safe haunted-horror walk-thru theatre experience! Become entranced by a terrifyingly-mischievous motley gang of hungry vampyres as they guide you through their wretched, soul-sucking phantasmagoria with a blood promise of a blissful eternal life devoid of pain and worry! More>>
Local Features | Mr. Bliss of NoHo Sessions
This summer we are highlighting some of our awesome creative North Hollywood neighbors. This week features Meet Mr. Bliss, a NoHo dancer and choreographer, and creator of NOHO SESSIONS. Sunday nights are meant for dance. More>>
Hotel Amarano
Welcome Home. Your host is Amara and her home is your home -the beautiful Hotel Amarano. The name “Amara” means grace, mercy and kindness, and Hotel Amarano exudes the qualities of its namesake by offering an elegant, graceful retreat nestled minutes away from the world’s entertainment capital. Book The Amara Room package that includes a Welcome Gift, complimentary parking, WIFI, bike rentals, room upgrades (based on availability). You'll feel right at home. More>>
“Julius Caesar” | Theatre Outside | Through October 30
Theatricum’s audience will see “Julius Caesar,” Shakespeare’s thriller about power, politics and the elusive nature of truth, through a slightly different lens, with the iconic tale told from the vantage point of the Soothsayer (played by longtime company member Gerald C. Rivers). More>>
Pitfire Summer Menu
Summer is in full swing and Pitfire Pizza has taken the best of the season and made it even better. The summer menu is bright and juicy with colorful heirloom tomatoes and ripe and ready watermelon. They’ve added two new flavorful summer colorful pizzas, an avocado-topped gazpacho, three delightful veggie dishes, and a house-made focaccia. More>>
“Finding My Light”  | Theatre Outside | August 28
The Group Rep is proud to present the fundraiser, “Finding My Light,” a one-woman show written and starring Barbara Brownell, directed and developed by Jessica Lynn Johnson, and produced by Neil Thompson for the Group Rep. Barbara and her array of characters reveal how her love of light carried her through a difficult childhood, to Broadway and Hollywood stages and beyond, and helped illuminate the truth of her own existence that lay hidden in the shadows for 65 years. More>>
NoHo Reviews | Hollywood Fringe Festival
Here are some of our Hollywood Fringe Festival reviews. More>>
“I Hear So Extremely Loud” | August 14-22 | Hollywood Fringe Festival
A one-person-show written and performed by Ava Hase, which follows the stories of real people who have been impacted by school shootings in America. Their experiences have been transcribed verbatim from interviews, videos, and personal stories. Directed by Oscar Falcon, the play serves as both a collective catharsis and a call for examination of our world and ourselves. More>>
“Junk Girls” | August 14-28 | Hollywood Fringe Festival
“Junk Girls” is a term given to the female officers sent to families of fallen soldiers, to break the news and offer support.  This play is about a group of three. One a CNO (casualty notification officer), an army photographer and a newly assigned journalist looking for a story on this most difficult of duties. More>>
We Need Art More Than Ever | Acting Blog
As I sit and watch what’s going on in the world today, it seems our culture is confused, frustrated, lost, angry, and sad. We need art more than ever. So, my note this month is to focus on your art. Whether it’s painting, sculpture, music, writing, gardening, cooking, sewing, cleaning, whatever your creative expression or even your chore work is, indulge in it. It quiets the mind and helps to get grounded. Therefore, acts of artistic value can be very helpful during this time. What are things you have to do? Make them an art project. More>>
Changes Are Coming to the NoHo Arts District
Meet District NoHo, a new North Hollywood development and one of the largest in the NoHo Arts District’s 20+ year history.  More>>
Online Acting Class Guide
When we get dealt a heavy hand like COVID19, we find a creative solution - that's the NoHo way. For our acting classes it's no different. Our acting classes have gone online for the time being and we've created a list for our readers. Remember, they may cancel our in-person acting classes but they will not take our acting classes away. More>>
Getting Commercial and Theatrical Headshots During the Pandemic
As the theatre and film industries look to get back in the swing of things, actors are more and more getting ready for new opportunities. For many actors, new headshots will be in order. But health experts continue to warn the COVID-19 pandemic is still a threat. So, what can actors do to safely get updated headshots? More>>