The Elephant Man
The true-life, heart-wrenching tale that depicts the best and the worst of humanity comes to the El Portal Theatre for a limited run: March 21 – 23 and April 3 – 14, 2019.   More>>

Using the title of a classic stage play or movie as inspiration, storytellers and poets write poems and stories to be read aloud. Writers may pen a personal story inspired by the themes of the play. BACKSTORY has consistently been a fascinating and eclectic night of theatre.     More>>
NoHo Is Getting Bikes!
The Metro Bike Share network is expanding to North Hollywood!
To plan the expansion, Metro Bike Share seeks feedback on potential locations in North Hollywood. Where should the bike share stations should be? More>>
Call for Wine (art)
Attention NoHo visual artists, the Georges Duboeuf Artist Label Competition is officially open for submissions. Here's one of our faves ... This year’s theme is “capturing the essence of Beaujolais wine – fresh, youthful, vibrant, joyous and celebratory.” More>>
Friends with Guns
You think you know your friends, your neighbors, your spouse, but what happens when you suddenly find out they have a garage full of guns? This new dark comedy explores the complicated issue of gun proliferation when two young liberal... More>>
Sam Shepard puts his spin on noir, where he exposes the underbelly of the horse track world. When a couple of grifters, Vinnie and Carter, are caught by a prominent horse racing official, they conjure up a blackmail scheme that involves some scandalous... More>>
Pandora's Box
Pandora’s Box compiles four short plays that are brought back to the land of Pithos by the mythical character Pandora. With the help of her three sprites, Pandora wanders through subjects of jealousy, hate, sex, love, and desire. More>>
JOAN is an imaginary tale of Joan Crawford's journey through the Bardo and her adjustment to the fact that her soul will move onto the unknown. During this dream state Joan reflects on--her life--her career--her enemies--her loves...   More>>
What Did They Say
WHAT DID THEY SAY explores gender and sexuality in an unconventional family dramedy, taking place in Los Angeles today. As experienced in today's rough political climate, families don't always share the same values.   More>>
Carla Delaney can mimic any voice; Betty White, Drew Barrymore, Bart Simpson…to name a few. But using her own voice, now that’s another story! Carla meets the surprising voices of her head, making her ask the question “is it noisy in here, or is it just me?” More>>
Death House
On the night a death-house chaplain must hand over the reigns to the confident young pastor set to replace him, the men encounter an enigmatic inmate who challenges their convictions and changes their lives forever.  More>>
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Elevate Your Sights at the Morrison 14!
Now is the time to own a new, architectural single-family home in the heart of the NoHo Arts District.  Morrison 14  is a collection of modern homes that are far ahead of the curve.  More>>