NoHo is definitely a theatre district, with 20 in one square mile! But what makes the neighborhood extra special is when our youth take part in the creative, theatrical process. Meet the young playwright Lillian Mottern. She's written and is now staging “Finding P.H. Wolstone” at Young Actors Studio February 8 and 9. More>>
"Secret Shows" at The Alley
On the corner of Lankershim and Otsego, tucked behind a nondescript burger joint, a golden-era rock n’ roll Mecca hides in plain sight. Disguised by ‘70s style wood paneling and a blue-sky mural, the building features no signs...  More>>
Attention Playwrights!
SPF10 = 30+ Plays in 8 Days
The Road Theatre Company is looking for play submissions for the 10th annual Summer Playwrights Festival. Submission deadline is March 1, 2019. More>>
Music! Music! Music!
Put something unexpected on your playlist! Here's NoHo's music review blog. From classical to electronic, and Americana to hip hop, plus everything in between, you'll find something you like.  More>>
Through My Eyes
This one woman show is about following the journey of a young woman who was once upon a time filled with so much love but allowed her circumstances and the distractions of this world to detour her from her ultimate purpose.   More>>
Makin' A Movie
The Mad Jackrats served up a great feast of stellar improv with shows comprised of three fast-moving, 20-minute sets and are very entertaining and based on audience member suggestions put into a bowl before the performance.   More>>
A one woman’s journey across Hollywood’s unsettling sexual landscape. In true Broadway-meets-La La Land style, she’ll have people singing #metoo along with her.    More>>
Katori Hall’s The Mountaintop
“…DARING, ROUSING AND PROVOCATIVE.” – Entertainment Weekly
A reimagining of the final hours of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and stunning new view of his dream for...  More>>
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Forgetting Not Forgotten
A solo journey through Alzheimer's, gentrification and self love, “Forgetting not Forgotten” is a multiple character, multi media show that is premiering at the Solofest 2019.   More>>
UPROOTED: A Tale of Navigating Turbulence to Find Home. A disturbance triggers violent weather in Vanessa’s inner world, endangering matriarch Elda, the elder tree, the voice of Vanessa’s wisdom.       More>>
The Importance of Being Earnest
Oscar Wilde's wildly entertaining comedy sparkles with dazzling wordplay and hilariously unlikely situations. This "trivial comedy for serious people" features two carefree bachelors... More>>
The Elephant Man
Thursday Night Theatre Club is proud to present this true-life, heart-wrenching tale that depicts the best and the worst of humanity. Written by Bernard Pomerance, and directed by Robyn Cohen this timeless classic will be at El Portal Theatre... More>>
The Morrison 14: new, architectural single-family home in the heart of the NoHo Arts District. More>>