Sidewalk Singers Bring Music (and joy) to NoHo
A great gift for May birthdays and Mother's Day! How does this 2021 singing telegram work? "A singer and guitarist will arrive with sanitized balloons to the front of your home, (socially distanced) or to the home of a friend/loved one and perform! If it’s a surprise for someone else, we can be in text communication with you the whole time! We will also be wearing our face masks! We can perform songs of ALL GENRES and if one of the songs you want isn’t on our list, we will LEARN IT JUST FOR YOU! We specialize in birthdays, anniversaries, or even a morale booster for your best friend! Don’t let Covid-19 stop you from creating beautiful memories for your special day!!" More>>
The Fat Dog Reopens
We are doing a North Hollywood restaurant and bar series so our neighborhood gets to know the fun and unique local hangouts. This week we feature The Fat Dog and some of their delish dishes. One of the reasons we love The Fat Dog is in the name. Yes, you can bring your poochies along for brunch or any meal. Their spacious dog-friendly patio is such a treat for pet parents and dog alike. More>>
Reykjavík” | May 14
In the magical and mysterious city of Reykjavík, Iceland, where we are and when we are is often fluid. In Steven Yockey’s haunting dark comedy, an ensemble of actors takes us on a wild, whimsical and sometimes terrifying adventure. Yockey’s characters uniquely explore the human condition, seeking love, connection, and truth. Shot on four cameras at The Road Theatre Company’s Magnolia stage, “Reykjavík” will be available to stream on-demand, bringing the magic of live theatre to the comfort of your home!  More>>
Endemol Shine’s “MasterChef” and “Lego Masters” return this June 
Did you know? Endemol Shine is located in the heart of the NoHo Arts District
They deliver world-class content to multiple platforms in the U.S. and around the world. Endemol Shine’s “MasterChef” and Lego Masters” return this June. Here’s a peek at what’s in store this season. More>>
And the World Choreography Awards Nominees Are…
The World Choreography Awards (WCA) is a global annual award show celebrating and honoring the best in media choreography. They are like the Oscars of dance. "May 16 is your only opportunity to see the best 45 clips of dance content that graced all media platforms! All choreographed by the best dance makers in the world today, most of which will be joining us as our audience." More>>
An Outdoor Theater in NoHo?
The Group Rep, one of the longest-running theaters in the NoHo Arts District is looking for your feedback on a potential outdoor theater space called “The Yard.” The survey is 10 simple and super quick questions to help them make the best outdoor theater experience for you! More>>
Ride Metro Micro 
If you frequent the NoHo Arts District, you’ve probably seen the blue Metro Micro vans driving around and wondered what they are. Metro Micro, a new rideshare service launched by LA Metro, offers a flexible transit alternative for just $1! This new rideshare option serves the entire NoHo Arts District and other large portions of North Hollywood and Burbank.  More>>
We’re Listening to “How Deep Is Your Love”
Yes, that “How Deep Is Your Love” by the Bee Gees, and all the covers we can find. And, you should, too. What if “How Deep Is Your Love” was sung by a choir? Or, maybe you’d like some reggae with your Bee Gees. We’re not sure who needs to hear this song today. But maybe a bit of old-school 70s slow jams will brighten someone’s day. More>>
"Fertile" | May 20
In ”Fertile,” we meet “Jenny,” a woman with a plan…a plan to get pregnant. Everyone keeps telling her that time is running out; she just turned 35, after all.
So, when those urine tests keep coming back negative, Jenny decides to take action and fix the problem. That’s when she runs into real problems and real questions about fertility and motherhood. As Jenny faces the world of “mom options” – egg freezing, in-vitro, adoption, and more – the conversation about the expectation of procreation really begins. More>>
Online Acting Class Guide
When we get dealt a heavy hand like COVID19, we find a creative solution - that's the NoHo way. For our acting classes it's no different. Our acting classes have gone online for the time being and we've created a list for our readers. Remember, they may cancel our in-person acting classes but they will not take our acting classes away. More>>
Changes Are Coming to the NoHo Arts District
Meet District NoHo, a new North Hollywood development and one of the largest in the NoHo Arts District’s 20+ year history.  More>>
NoHo's latest music reviews More>>
Whitefire Theatre Extends Solofest Through May 7
Added to the show schedule is the critically acclaimed crowd favorite “FATHER, SON & HOLY COACH” for an encore performance on May 2.  In addition, the much-anticipated world premiere of Pam Levin’s “ASTROLOGICALLY SCREWED And Other Psychic Revelations” will close out Solofest 2021 on May 7. More>>
Getting Commercial and Theatrical Headshots During the Pandemic
As the theatre and film industries look to get back in the swing of things, actors are more and more getting ready for new opportunities. For many actors, new headshots will be in order. But health experts continue to warn the COVID-19 pandemic is still a threat. So, what can actors do to safely get updated headshots?
NoHo is a neighborhood filled with actors, after all, we have 20+ theaters in one square mile! What do most actors need? More>>
Controller Galperin’s Free Tax Prep Map
With Tax Day approaching, L.A. Controller Ron Galperin seeks to reduce the stress of meeting the May 17 filing deadline by offering low- to moderate-income Angelenos a new, interactive map of free tax preparation service providers throughout the area. More>>
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