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Nobel Prize in Physics
The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded on Tuesday. Congratulations to David J. Thouless of the University of Washington, Seattle, F. Duncan Haldane of Princeton University, and J. Michael Koserlitz of Brown University. 

The three scientists shared the prize for their theoretical work using topological mathematics - the math of properties that change stepwise - to describe exotic phases of and phase changes in matter.

Vescent Photonics D2-125 Reconfigurable Servo

The D2-125 Reconfigurable Servo will tightly lock a laser to an error signal generated from a spectroscopic frequency references or high-finesse cavity.  It features a full PI 2D loop filter with highly adjustable poles and gain and 10 MHz bandwidth.  Furthermore, the D2-125 has an auxiliary servo output channel that will control a slow outer loop.  This keeps the inner loop within its range for extended periods of time.

You can catch the D2-125 in action in this video.
Robust Locking with the D2-125
Robust Locking with the D2-125
Vescent Transfers Waveguide Technology

Vescent Photonics and Analog Devices Incorporated are proud to announce the asset transfer of Vescent's Liquid Crystal Waveguide program to ADI.   

Vescent Photonics is excited that US Government research funding programs have led to the planned commercialization of this powerful technology.  By taking advantage of the huge electro-optic effect of liquid crystals (>105 times that of LiNbO3), a number of all-solid-state technologies are enabled via millimeters of phase change produced by a nominal applied voltage, including tunable lasers,  phase modulators, and non-mechanical beam steering.

The technology transfer to ADI has been completed and for further information, you should contact Analog Devices at
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