The power of one plus God.

As the rains fell & the river swelled in southeastern Louisiana two weekends ago, my son & daughter-in-law in Atlanta had no news of the flooding. When their maid-of-honor posted on Facebook that they were evacuating due to flooding, Natalie was surprised & concerned. Heartbroken that her college hometown was a disaster & no one outside of Baton Rouge seemed concerned, she prayed for guidance on how to help. After discussing it with Tim, they decided to rent a trailer, collect some supplies, and tow the trailer to Louisiana to distribute.
Natalie uses social media in her job and posted a video asking that people in Atlanta consider helping Louisiana flood victims and 24 hours later it had 6000 views!  Today they are on their way with a 26 foot U-Haul truck so loaded with donations that they had to leave some for another trip. Cost of the truck & travel expenses covered by donations. At least 10 families, a daycare center, and a shelter will receive much needed supplies. Next week a cleaning supply company will bring a truckload of supplies to BR as an addition to their collections.
God is good! When one person prays, listens, and acts, God does miraculous things.
Yesterday was pick-up day. The truck parked at Broadmoor UMC's parking lot (that's another God story) and it was amazing. All donations that were left went to a UMC in Clinton for distribution there.
~ Patty Eskew

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