Enjoy this encouraging story by Noel member, Brenda St. Andre...


Had a neat experience this morning that I feel compelled to share. I wasn't feeling well but ran to church early to get something set up for the service. On my way back home I decided that I would like a Starbucks vanilla latte--not something I do on a regular basis. I almost went to Duncan Donuts but I have a Starbucks gift card. So I made my way to the one on Youree--which is on the way home. I thought, the hot sweet, hot coffee will make my throat feel better--I hope. When I pulled forward to the window to pay, the young man at the window repeated my order to me, I nodded that was correct and he hands it to me and says, "enjoy--the lady in front of you has already paid for your coffee." I didn't know the lady in the car that had been in front of me and that was now driving away!!! My response was--"you're kidding!!". I was dumbfounded--a bit on the speechless side (not a usual occurrence for me). And as I drove away, I felt the most wonderful feeling flow over me and I began grinning and then got choked up with a couple of happy tears. This past week has been a scary, stressful, unnerving week for me--something that lady didn't know but God did. So between the grinning and tears I said, I thank you to the sweet lady who had bought me my coffee and "thank you, God!" So let's not forget that it's the little kindnesses that we do each and every day that count whether we know it or not!!! Keep on keeping on everyone!! We need each other!! By the way--Best decaf vanilla latte I've ever had!!!

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