Enjoy this inspiring story by Mexico Mission Team member,
Roxan Gonzales, who helped lead VBS in Juarez.

On our first day of VBS, we taught the story of Jesus walking on the water. We had around 35 kids that day, we sang worship songs to start our day, we prayed, and I proceeded to share the story. Afterwards, we did crafts, played with parachutes (the kids LOVED to do this) and finally we did some face painting. At the end of the day 7-year-old Ivan, who is the son of the cooks where we stayed, remained around to hang out with us. Mrs Leah Miller asked him what had been his favorite part of the morning. We kind of expected him to mention something like "playing with the parachute, or crafting", but instead he said "my favorite part of was how much I learned about Jesus, I learned that He is trustworthy and He loves us very much!" "It surprised all of us who were there.
It was so rewarding to listen to this young boy express how he felt about Jesus, how he not only had fun that morning, but most importantly payed close attention to the story and was eager to continue learning more about Jesus and His love for us.
Ivan was only one of the 135 kids who enjoyed learning about God while having fun in our week of Vbs at Juarez, Mexico.

Roxan Gonzales taking a selfie of the VBS group in Mexico.

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