August 2018
Looking for an exciting way to end your summer vacation Our 7 acre interactive Corn Maze and Family Fun area opens
September 1st
Oh oh oh the Sweetest Corn ♫♪
Pardon my bite! I just couldn't wait to try Josh's Gourmet Sweet corn! The kernels are extra juicy and sweet compared to other varieties of summer sweet corn. Look for the dark yellow, light yellow kernel pattern on these tasty cobs. You can find this corn in all of our Farm Markets in the HRM and of course our home Market in Greenwich.
The more you know:

Sweet corn is a cereal crop!
This late summer delicacy is the result of naturally occurring mutation in corn kernels. The gene which converts sugar into starch during the maturation of the plant is slowed. That means Sweet Corn must be pocked while it is still immature, making it possible to eat the succulent yellow kernels while they are still full of sugars! This also means sweet corn does not store too well and should be enjoyed fresh, canned or frozen, before the kernels have a chance to mature into more starchy grains. 
Summer Fruit Update

We will have lots of plums coming your way. Plums were plentiful this year! Despite the frost claiming some of the fruit, with such prolific production we will still have lots of plums to choose from.

Currently in our markets you can find:
  • Shiro: A good sweet eating plum, yellow-green in colour with juicy flesh.
  • Early Golden: one of the first plums of the season, it has a nice golden colour with hues of red/orange.

Soon to come :
  • Damsum: purple plums good for baking or canning.
  • Burbanks: similar to the colour of a nectarine, good for eating fresh or baking into tarts!
  • Italian Prune: longer shaped plum with a purple-blue colour, yellow flesh and less juicy then a Golden or Burbank.
In the summer our markets are full of lovely greens. So, how do you choose which leaf to incorporate into your next meal?

In our humble opinion, there is one brassica that stands above the rest! Both on your plate, and in the field!
(quite literally)

Three cheers for KALE!

Kale is loaded with beneficial minerals that we lack in other parts of our diet. Minerals such as: potassium, calcium and magnesium, You maybe thinking...those minerals occur in most leafy greens do they not? What sets kale apart as our true champion is its low levels of oxalate, an inhibitor in our bodies ability to absorb these minerals. With lower amounts of oxalate the health benefits found in kale have an easier time making their way into our bodies, hearts and brains!

Revving it up for the Fall
Starting on September 1st we open our 7 acre and 2 acre interactive corn mazes. Weave through the coloured pathways to find all 18 stations hidden within the maze. On you way you will learn about the history of Noggins Farm and the land it currently sits on!

Recognizing our past. We are a white settler farm located in Mi'kma'ki. This land has settlement patterns from indigenous communities, to Acadian settlers and New England planters. The Bishop family, who is currently living, working and caring for the farm has been living on this land since after the deportation in 1760! Come out this fall to learn more about our history and try out our improved Family Fun area!

Apple U-Picks will open September 15th
Pumpkin U-Picks open September 29th
Haunted House open October 6th

Check out our website for prices and hours of operation!