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  Meet Korey

Korey looks so handsome and happy. 

His caregivers describe him as respectful and engaging. He values his relationships with peers and is good at keeping his room neat. 

He's looking forward to finding his permanent family.

Raising money for adoption is a snap

Wendy's restaurants are  helping their partner, the Dave Thomas Foundation of America, pay for more recruitment of homes for kids in foster care.

Check your local Wendy's for cups with a special Snapchat code. Snap a pic of the code and Wendy's will donate $5 to the DTFA. Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper are partners in the project.
HCJFS is fortunate to have several adoption recruiters paid for by the DTFA.

Wendy's founder Dave Thomas was adopted. He started the foundation in 1992. Its goal is to increase the number of permanent homes found for kids waiting in foster care.

Follow the FAMILY Fund on Instagram

The FAMILY Fund helps HCJFS  cover expenses that go beyond what the agency is allowed to fund or for which it has very limited funds. It stands for Friends and Advocates Making Investments in Local Youth.
Donations to the Family Fund have paid for things like college visits, car repairs and sports camps - things that help make a foster child's life feel a bit more typical.

Check out @HCFamilyFund to see what's going on with the fund and how it is helping kids in foster care. 

Kinship  stipends
start this month

(This is Director Moira Weir's monthly message to the community).

I am extremely excited about a new program designed to help the hundreds of grandparents, aunts, uncles and other kinship caregivers who take care of children in our custody.

In May, we launched a kinship stipend program and early this month will begin paying kinship families $350 per month, per child if they are caring for children in agency custody.

This is the first time JFS has ever provided a kinship stipend. It helps fulfill a long-desired goal of providing additional support to kinship caregivers. We know from experience and research children are more likely to thrive in the care of someone connected to them. Kinship caregivers - grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins or other relatives and family friends caring for a child in our custody - can also help in keeping the child connected to family, friends, neighborhood and school, and could assist with reunification efforts.

For those who don't know, when children are abused or neglected and can no longer safely stay in their homes, they may come into the care of JFS. In this situation, we try to find the right "placement" for them. Kinship care is always the first choice. Kinship care refers to an arrangement in which a relative, or non-relative adult who has a long-standing relationship or bond with the children and/or family, takes over the full-time care of the children until they can be safely returned to their home. 

Absent a suitable kinship caregiver, foster care is the next option. We would much rather place child with someone they know versus a stranger. 

New grants available for students 
in foster care

This is great news for teens in foster care or formerly in foster care! Grants for certificate programs at  Cincinnati State are now available from the state.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said he wants to make sure kids who are in foster care (or have been) get the same access to higher education as other teens do. The Short-Term Certificate Foster Youth Grant divides $385,000 in short-term certificate funding to help students from foster care earn credentials and certificates.
The money was given to 19 schools. Cincinnati State is the only recipient in Cincinnati.

The grants are for up to $1,000 and can be applied toward the tuition and fees of short-term certificate programs at Cincinnati State. Some fields of study are included now, but the school plans to add more.

Cincinnati State hasn't started marketing the specific foster care part yet. To get started, call the Workforce Development Center at (513) 569-1643.

We relaunched Fatherhood Collaborative of Hamilton County  this year. The collaborative is a collection of community members and organizations.

Its mission: "To create and sustain community consciousness, conversation and action on the needs and aspirations of fathers and their role in the development of healthy children and families."

On the collaborative's web page at  HCFathers.org, you can find videos of dads talking about what fatherhood means, and you can nominate  Fatherhood Heroes to help us tell the story of great dads in our community.