What mic can I use while I'm wearing a mask?

When your voice is muffled behind a mask it can be difficult for students to understand you in class or in a recorded lecture. Here are two lapel microphones that were recommended to us to help boost your voice and ensure your students can hear you clearly: Alvoxcon USB Lavalier Mic System, and FIFINE K031 Wireless Lapel Microphone.

The FIFINE K031 Wireless Lapel Mic comes recommended from College of Engineering’s Paul Nissenson who shares, “I've had terrific success with this wireless lapel mic for recording my lectures in the classroom.“ 

What mic should I use for recording at my desk?

The Blue Yeti Nano microphone provides high-quality voice recording in a compact form factor. The "directional pattern" button located on the back of the microphone allows the device to toggle between "omnidirectional" and "cardioid" recording. Omnidirectional recording is preferred when multiple recording subjects are situated around the microphone, whereas cardioid can be chosen for more focused recording of an individual speaker positioned directly in front of the microphone.

This microphone is recommended by Eric Davis, CAFE's own Instructional Designer, due to his regular use in online Zoom meetings and voice-over recordings for training videos.

Why a microphone can help your course's accessibility and universal design.

Microphones are an effective way to ensure that students in the classroom can hear which in turn can help a student focus on learning. Clarity afforded from using a high-quality microphone can also improve the accuracy of automated captioning provided through Kaltura.