Milkhouse Farm and Dairy, see their Success Story below
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Ontario East Municipal Conference 2017 -   Highlights

Kingston Penitentiary Info Sessions
Friday, September 15th
8:30am - 9:15am

Learn more about how one municipality is handling the redevelopment of a unique heritage site or how it is turning it into a tourism goal mine in the meantime: 

Kingston Penitentiary and Portsmouth Olympic Harbour Redevelopment:
The former Kingston Penitentiary is a unique heritage landscape currently being considered for redevelopment, along with the neighbouring Portsmouth Olympic Harbour site. The Canada Lands Company in participation with the City of Kingston is currently undergoing a visioning process to give the community and interested stakeholders an opportunity to voice what they would like to see for the future of these sites.
This session will explore challenges and opportunities related to both sites' redevelopment.

History, Heritage, Non Profit - A Unique Partnership in the Economics of Tourism:
A big part of travel is that feeling you get when you experience something completely new (in the case of the Kingston Pen something very old). Something you haven't seen or done before 
(walking the grounds and buildings of a Federal Prison).Many travel destinations offer an amenity or two that other places don't...but there are only a few locations in the world that offer a truly unique experience.
The path that was taken to make the Kingston Pen Tours a reality is in itself very unique and a true work of collaboration between several partners, Corrections Canada, St Lawrence Parks Commission, City of Kingston and the United Way. This session will highlight how it is possible for communities to create partnerships for tourism attraction.

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success story.

Milkhouse Farm and Dairy

Cheese, yum!  There are few greater culinary pleasures than a really good artisanal cheese served with a nutty cracker and a glass of wine.  Anywhere I go I look for local cheeses.  So it was with great delight that I sampled and then fell in love with Milkhouse Farm and Diary sheep cheeses, made in Montague.  

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