February Wellness
Nominate A Champion
Wellness Warriors

Do you know someone who has made positive changes to their health and wellness and is a source of inspiration to others? Nominate them for recognition at this year's Wellness Warrior Awards Banquet.
Protect Yourself
What You Need To Know About Coronavirus

There have been 11 confirmed cases in the United Stated. This virus originated in China and has spread. There is one confirmed case in Arizona. More than 17,000 cases have been diagnosed worldwide, majority in China. You can prevent illness by following traditional prevention methods. Wash your hands often and thoroughly. Avoid contact with others exhibiting symptoms.
Events & Classes
Posture Class

When: 2/12 12:00-1:00pm
Where: CCC 4th St. Dance Room

This class can provide both postural and balance awareness with exercises that can be practiced and used onsite and in daily life. Anyone who can get down and up off the floor and is not in acute pain is welcome to participate. Prevent injuries and recover from aches and pains that are preventing you from enjoying daily life.

Learn exercises that will help you at home and at work!
Tiny Habits for Relationships

When: 2/20/20, 12pm
Where: Live Webinar

People often wrongly believe that habits are formed with willpower alone.

Learn the recipe for building new habits that you can use for any desirable behavior. You will learn how you can apply this knowledge to increasing communication at home or work. Increase your connection with others!
Cooking Class

When: 2/26 5:30-6:30pm
Where: Natural Grocers

There's a lot of information out there... No fat, keto, low-carb, plant based...???
Which diet is best for you? Let us help!

In the webinar we will bust some myths and break it down so it is easier to understand how to take some simple steps towards improved health. Learn recipes good for the whole family!

When: Tues& Thurs, 5:30-6:30pm
Where: Knoles Elementary Music Room
4005 E Butler Ave

This class is open to all levels, including beginners. Bring a yoga mat and learn yoga postures from an experienced teacher.

No sign up needed! Just stop by and track your activity in the physical activity tracker at  mywellsite.com/NAPEBT  for wellness points.
Webinar: Which Diet Is Best?

When: 2/12 12:10-1pm
Where: Online Live Webinar

Learn simple steps you can take to improve your health with out getting lost in the argument of keto, plant based, low-carb etc.
Biometric Screening

When: 2/12 8-12pm
Where: CCC 2800 S. Lone Tree

When: 2/27 9-12:30pm
Where: FUSD Warehouse
5400 E. Railhead

Sign up for a biometric screening at any available location or visit the clinic.
One on One Coaching

Call Vera to set up your health coaching appointment
get a referral for our registered dietitian.

Telephonic coaching available!

Call: 928-774-3985
Dare To Disagree
Watch this video on conflict and relationships and how to dare to disagree.