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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Nomination Committee is pleased to share the "Slate to Date" for candidates to be elected to Diocesan Committees at Convention 2016. Thank you to those who have agreed to run. To those of you still pondering, it's not too late to add your name. As you'll notice, we have empty positions. Please consider joining in the important work we do together as people of faith. You may submit your biography at https://diopa.wufoo.com/forms/2016-nominee-biography/.

As always, the Nominations Committee seeks to broaden out representation so that we reflect our Diocese's marvelous diversity and our multitude of talents. To see the complete list of opportunities as well as biographies already received, go to:
http://www.diopaconvention.org/nominations.html and http://www.diopaconvention.org/the-candidates.html.

In Thanksgiving,
The Diocesan Nominations Committee: Cordelia Biddle (chair), Lionel Broome, Jane R. Cosby, Rev. Nancy Dilliplane, Rev. Amanda Eiman, Christopher Hart, Rev. Betsy Ivey, Rev. Catherine Kerr, Janet Ross, Liz Wendt, Rev. Deirdre Whitfield


General Convention: Elect 4 Clergy; 4 Lay Members

Lay: Christopher Hart, Karen Lash, Kirk Muller, Liz Wendt, Pat Smith, George Vosburgh, Stacy Carmody, Noah Stansbury
Clergy: Kathy Andonian, Kirk Berlenbach, Sandra Etemad, Renee McKenzie, Pam Nesbit, Hillary Raining, Deirdre Whitfield

Standing Committee - Elect 1 Lay Member

Standing Committee - Elect 1 Clergy Member
David Rominik, Sean Mullen, Jarrett Kerbel, Kirk Berlenbach, Michael Ruk

Finance Committee - Elect 1 Lay Member
Dana Hall, Kirk Muller, Peter Oliver

Finance Committee - Elect 1 Clergy Member
John Symonds, Adam Kradel

Church Foundation Board - Elect 4 Lay Members and 1 Clergy Member
Thomas Helm, Clifford Kozemchak, Rev. Ed Shiley, Paul Wanglee, Roberta Griffin Torian, Loretha Badger, Alfeia DeVaugh Goodwin

Nomination Committee - Elect 2 Lay Members
Marcia Hinton, Betty Berry-Holmes

Nomination Committee - Elect 2 Clergy Members
Amanda Eiman, Jeff Moretzon

CCCEB - Elect 1 Lay Member

Marc Andonian

CCCEB - Elect 1 Clergy Member

Diocesan Disciplinary Board - Elect 2 Lay Members

Rick Fitzgerald

Diocesan Disciplinary Board - Elect 3 Clergy Members
Rick Vinson, Nancy Dilliplane

Christmas Fund Elect 4 Members
Shirley Morris, Nancy Iredale, Anne Atlee, Janet Ross


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