Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs



CAAHEP has an opening for a Public Member Commissioner who will also serve on the CAAHEP Board of Directors. This Commissioner represents the public interest related to the accreditation of health science education programs. 

Public Member Commissioner Responsibilities 

1. Attends the CAAHEP Annual Business Meeting of the Commission, held virtually each April. 

2. Participates in the business of the Commission, including: 

  • electing the CAAHEP Board of Directors,  
  • voting on CAAHEP Bylaws and changes to the CAAHEP mission and vision statements,  
  • approving new organizations for membership;  
  • recognizing health science disciplines; and, 
  • monitoring the Board of Directors to ensure quality and equity within the CAAHEP system. 

3. Brings concerns about issues impacting the accreditation of academic programs to CAAHEP, especially concerns of the general public. 

4. Participates as an observer in a CAAHEP accreditation site visit(s). 

Board Member Duties 

1. Monitors accreditation actions with particular attention to due process issues. 

2. Participates in the Board of Directors/Committee on Accreditation quality assurance processes. 

3. Serves on the committee reviewing applications for the membership of a new Committee on Accreditation. 

4. Serves on the panel for Open Hearings on Standards. 

Time Commitment 

As a member of the CAAHEP Board of Directors, the Public Member will attend two in-person meetings of the Board (January and July) and four virtual Board meetings each year.  


The Public Member will spend time reviewing material for Board meetings and the Annual Business Meeting of the Commission. The Public Member serves on committee(s) of the Board, requiring attention to agenda items and meeting attendance. The Public Member may work on various CAAHEP task forces and be elected to an officer position on the Board.  


Term of Office 

The term of office of Public Member Commissioner is three years, with a maximum of two consecutive terms. The Public Member Commissioner is elected by the CAAHEP Board of Directors. 



Expenses incurred by the Public Member Commissioner in attending Board meetings will be paid by CAAHEP. 

Who May Not Serve as a Public Member 

To be considered as a nominee for the CAAHEP Public Member Commissioner position, nominees may not have: 


How to Apply 

Nominations are open for a Public Member Commissioner until March 1, 2023. If you wish to apply, please provide:   


  • a cover letter describing your professional background and interest in serving as a Public Member Commissioner for CAAHEP.  
  • a list of related volunteer experience serving in this type of role, including organization names and contacts.  
  • current CV/resume. 


Please email all nomination items to CAAHEP, by March 1, 2023. For questions related to the public member application, please contact the CAAHEP office at 727-210-2350. 

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