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Nominations for Executive Committee Positions

The Fuerzas Unidas Caucus will be holding its first electronic elections for all fourteen positions on the Executive Committee. Every position is open for nomination; however, current interim officers may be running for the permanent position. Here are the positions, with the officers who are currently serving:


Chair – E. Diane Torres-Velásquez                   

Vice Chair, Metro – Ennio García-Miera          

Vice Chair, Rural – Tirzio (TJ) López                

Secretary, Michelle Mares                               

Treasurer, Vicky Estrada-Bustillo                    


Northwest Rural – Loyda Martínez                  

Northern Metro – Miguel Ángel Acosta          

Northeast Rural – vacant

Central West Rural – Margarita Mercure        

Central Metro – Samuel Nevarez                    

Central East Rural – Ben Salazar                      

Southwest Rural – vacant

South Metro - Melissa Ontiveros                      

Southeast Rural – Alfredo Domínguez            


The exact boundaries of each of the Representative positions are on page 4 of the nomination form:

Here are the duties of each of the positions, as stated in our Bylaws:

Section E: Duties

           The Chair shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Caucus. They shall serve as the principal spokesperson of the Caucus. The Chair may execute, on behalf of the Caucus, all instruments in writing, which may be required or authorized by the Executive Committee for the proper and necessary transaction of the business of the Caucus. The Chair shall call and preside over meetings.

           The Vice-Chairs shall assist the Chair in the Chair’s duties and take over the duties of the Chair in the Chair’s absence.

           The Secretary shall prepare and submit all Reports as necessary under the Rules of the DPNM, including Rule 10.6. The Secretary shall maintain and verify the membership roster, including verifying DPNM registration as members are admitted into the Caucus. The Secretary shall be responsible for taking and maintaining the minutes and the attendance of the Executive Committee meetings and all general membership meetings. The Secretary will send notifications to the entire membership for meetings of the Executive Committee and of the caucus as a whole, The Secretary shall be responsible for notifying the membership of elections and of conducting all elections. The Secretary can delegate any of these duties to a willing Caucus member as necessary.

           The Treasurer shall manage the Caucus finances including managing Caucus assets and debts, preparing the annual budget and getting it approved by the Executive Committee, making necessary filings to the New Mexico Secretary of State, and preparing quarterly financial statements.

           The Regional Officers shall serve as liaisons between Caucus members in their Region and State Leadership and between other similar organizations of their Region and the Fuerzas Unidas Caucus. They shall have responsibility for overseeing and organizing their Region’s Caucus members, including direct action, communication, outreach, education, and advocacy for issues, projects, and campaigns promoted by the Caucus. In addition, they shall hold at least quarterly Fuerzas Unidas Caucus meetings in their Region and prepare a narrative of their activities and appropriate membership list for inclusion in the semi-annual reports required by the DPNM Rule on State-Level Democratic Caucuses and Affiliated Organizations.

           The Regional Officers shall be responsible for assisting the Executive Committee as needed.

 If you are interested in nominating or self-nominating a candidate, please do two things:


1.    Let us know by emailing us, [email protected], your name, position sought, and a two-paragraph statement of interest telling members why you are running and the values you represent.

2.    Please fill out the nomination form:


Self-nominations are open until May 10, 2022.

Help us mobilize our strong communities by becoming a rural or metro regional representative with Fuerzas Unidas!


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