At the an upcoming all-school Mass, we will acknowledge a former school family with the In Nomine Meo Award named in recognition of Margaret and Harold Moser '28.   During their lives, they had a tremendous impact on the Naperville community and the Diocese of Joliet. Their love of Saints Peter & Paul School was equally as strong. The generous bequest they left our school created a legacy of financial support that will continue to benefit our school for many decades to come.
In recognition of the Harold and Margaret's love of Catholic
   Jeff and Holly Dalton
education, and our school in particular, our Advancement Board in 2006 created the IN NOMINE MEO award, Latin for IN MY NAME. Although neither Harold nor Margaret had the time or the physical energy to get actively involved in our school, they helped the best way they could. They loved our school, believed in our mission, were interested in helping young families who struggled with tuition and were well aware of the financial sacrifices teachers had to make to work in a Catholic school.

And our school is certainly the better for it.

Most people, however, aid our school by volunteering their time and talents. They serve on boards, chair fundraisers, coach a sport, are active as room mothers, copy moms, greeters, field trip chaperones, and a host of other things.

Upon the graduation of their last child, these people have left a footprint that has made Saints Peter & Paul a better school than when their first child entered kindergarten.

These are the types of couples who are recognized with this award.

If you know of a former school family who has tirelessly supported our school while their children were students with us, click this link to the nomination form.

Here is a list of our previous awardees:

2018   Holly and Jeff Dalton
2017   Kathy and Nowell Blecha
2016   Sue and Kevin Gensler
2015   John and Julie Lynch
2014   Mike & Bernadette Cadman
2013   Bob & Anita Woods 
2012   Dan & Julie Borschke
2011   Mike & Karen Baehl
2010   Tom & Peg McCarthy
2009   Tim & Joellyn Ball
2008   John & Rose Case
2007   Mike & Meg Landek
2006   Pat & Pam Bowler

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    Volume 6, No. 38
April 17, 2019


Annual Fund Drive gifts from current school parents go toward the $50,000 commitment the Advancement Board has made to the school.

To date, we are at 34% of our goal.



Celebrate Catholic Education at the Cress Creek Country Club
on Friday, May 3, with an evening of dining and dancing.



When our school was founded in 1853....

...students didn't wait to see which one of their comic book super heroes would soon appear on the silver screen as neither DC nor Marvel existed then.  It wasn't until 1933, when Funnies on Parade became the first color comic book printed in the now standard size of 6 5/8 x 10 1/4 inches.  In February 1935, DC Comics' precursor, National Allied Publications, published New Fun #1---the company's first comic book and the first ever comic book consisting of completely original material.