August 2019

It's time to nominate your 2020-2023 leaders
Nominations are open for secretary, treasurer and churchwide board members for the 2020-2023 triennium! Voting members of the Eleventh Triennial Convention, July 14-16, 2020, will elect four officers and 17 board members. The president and vice president are elected by ecclesiastical ballot, and thus no nominations are received at this time. Learn more and find the form here.
Staffing transitions offer organization new opportunities
Two Women of the ELCA staff have transitioned into new positions within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. And Deana Velandra began work on July 29 in a new administrative assistant position. Read the story.
Phebe Hospital solar power organizers generate new energy
Women of the ELCA participants supported a successful solar power project for Phebe Hospital in Liberia, leading to another campaign at Curran Hospital, 70 miles north of Phebe. Learn how the Phebe project came about and how the new solar energy project at Curran is going.
We'll be the women in red at the Churchwide Assembly, Aug. 5-10
You’ll want to talk to the women in red in the exhibit hall at the Churchwide Assembly in Milwaukee, Aug. 5-10. We’ll be offering free Gather magazines, pens, screen wipes, and discount registration cards to our Gathering in Phoenix, July 16-19, 2020. Read more.
Interchange going all digital
In January 2020, Interchange is going digital. The cost of printing and mailing requires the change. As always, you can download Interchange and Intercambio (the Spanish issue) online. To sign up to receive a copy by email, complete the Stay in Touch form on the website. For more up-to-date news, you are in the right place.
Poetry of the Old Testament
In the fall—September, October and November— Gather subscribers will study selections of Old Testament poetry from Job, Psalms and Lamentations.
Drawing from the experiences of these ancient writers, readers will learn to look for God in times of deep emotions, such as joy, anger, celebration, depression, misunderstanding and contentment, finding hope and grace along the way. Learn more about the study and who's writing it.
Slowing down for Sabbath's sake
"I’m a big fan of 'sabbath moments,' which are sacred glimpses in regular time—like a rainbow on a Thursday afternoon or a conversation with a close friend," writes Cafe author J. Dana Trent. "Sabbath moments were a good place to start. Once I felt ready to stretch those moments into an hour, an afternoon, or a day, I did." Read the article.
Devotion: How can we be most excellent friends of God?
"One of my favorite names in the Bible is Theophilus, to whom Luke's Gospel and the Book of Acts are addressed," writes Audrey Riley, director of stewardship. "The name means something like 'one who loves God' or 'friend of God.' Wouldn't it be wonderful to be a friend of God? And not just any friend of God, but a most excellent friend of God?" Read the devotion.
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