~ May 6, 2021 ~
The IWT Awards highlight innovative teachers and showcase what business education for a brighter future looks like. Think a course is great? Let us know!

This Friday, May 7, 2021, is the final day to nominate a course for the 2021 Ideas Worth Teaching Awards!
The Aspen Institute Business & Society Program: Siddhartha Saxena
What does the manager of tomorrow need to know about labor, organizations, technology, and the integration of the technical with the human? Ahmedabad University’s Siddhartha Saxena integrates theory and practice while addressing an expansive list of topics such as big data, AI, automation, climate migration and more in his course, the Future of Work.
What if selfish exploitation of communal resources isn’t inevitable? An examination, with examples.
Fast Company: Yasmin Gagne, Pavithra Mohan, Lara Sorokanich, Kristin Toussaint, Talib Visram
“The balance of power between employers and employees hasn’t been this out of whack since the robber baron era.” What does rebalancing the labor-management relationship mean in this era, for workers, employees, investors, and society? (also see A Policy Foundation to Revive Worker Voice and The Ascent of Labor Leader Sara Nelson, Workers’ Great Hope)
CNN: Hanna Ziady, Anneken Tappe
What is the role of global business in a global crisis? (also see India Is What Happens When Rich People Do Nothing)
Issues in Science and Technology: Mikhail Chester
How do the needs of the future differ from the rigid systems of the past? (also The Side of Wall Street That Matters Most Is Begging for Infrastructure)
LinkedIn: Judy Samuelson
"You think you have already been on a wild ride? Hang on tight.” What will students face as they move onto the new frontlines of business? (also see The Future of Education? Flexible Formats, Soft Skills, Collaboration and Responsible Leadership)
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