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2011 Cygnus Donor Survey
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2011 Star Awards
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Welcome to our first edition of the Sonoma Valley Fund Partner Newsletter.  Periodically we plan to use this newsletter to communicate items of particular interest to our non-profit partners (that will not be of interest to our general newsletter readers). 

We'd appreciate any feedback you have on both the content and the form of these types of communications.  Also, if you would like us to add any of the other people on your staff or on your Board to the mailing list, please just let us know.


2011 Cygnus Donor Survey 

New Information on Trends in Charitable Giving 

The Cygnus 2011 Donor Survey (94 questions answered by 3474 respondents) provides some needed insight into where and how contributions to non-profits will be heading.  This is important reading for all non-profit development professionals.  Some of the highlights of the study include:

  • There is considerable optimism among respondents.  79% expect to give the same or more to charitable causes this year.
  • An increasing number of donors (29%) in the survey made contributions via the web in 2011.
  • The value of social media for fundraising is minimal today but is likely to be much more important soon.
  • Communications technology preferences continue to shift among donors of all ages with 69% now preferring electronic over print communication (even among the oldest donors).

2011 Cygnus Donor Survey 

Participate in SVF's Annual Celebration

Sunday, October 23rd

Rabobank LogoYou've already received a reminder to mark your calendars for Sunday, October 23rd from 3:00-5:00pm.  This year's celebration event will take place at the new Hanna Boys Center facilities.   


This year we would like to invite all of SVF's Non-Profit Partners to have a presence at the celebration.  We will have tables available for any of you that would like to set out brochures or have a representative there to speak to attendees about your organization.  If you are interested, please let us know no later than September 15th.  You can send an email to Joshua Rymer (   


Announcing the 2011 Star Awards

Recognizing Excellence in Volunteerism in the Sonoma Valley


Volunteerism is at the heart of what makes Sonoma Valley such a wonderful place to live. The Sonoma ValleyRabobank Logo Fund will recognize each year a volunteer or group of volunteers from each of our non-profit Partners' organization. The recognition will take place at the Sonoma Valley Fund's Annual Celebration on Sunday, October 23rd.


Each "Star" or "Stars" selected by your organization will receive a commemorative keepsake and be recognized at the Annual Celebration. Executive Directors and Board members of each non-profit Partner are invited to the event to honor their Star or Stars.

We will be sending you more information regarding the nomination process in the coming weeks. 


First Non-Profit Partner Council Meeting Scheduled

Council Hopes to Collect Input from Partners on Ways that SVF can Better Support Their Efforts 


Sonoma Valley Fund will convene the first meeting of the Non-Profit Partner Council on July 14th. The Partner Council, comprised of Executive Directors of four of Sonoma Valley Fund's sixteen Non-Profit Partners. The Council will provide the Sonoma Valley Fund with direct input from SVF's Non-Profit Partners. 


Initially, the Council will include the following Non-Profit Partners: Dave Pier (Boys & Girls Clubs of Sonoma Valley), Cindy Scarborough (Vintage House), Kathy

Witkowicki (Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance), and Kate Eilertsen (Sonoma Valley Museum of Art).


We encourage all of our Non-Profit Partners to communicate directly with the members of the Council regarding ways that the Sonoma Valley Fund can support them.  We will provide feedback on the meetings in future issues of this Newsletter. 


As always, you can learn more about the Sonoma Valley Fund by visiting our website: Sonoma Valley Fund.




Whitney Evans

Past-President and Chair of Partner Support Committee

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