September 28th, 2011


Life Without A Centre



"Homesick? You need look no further than present experience. 

Everything appearing here and now points back home - 

every thought, every sensation, every smell, every feeling - 

even pain, even sadness, even fear. 


Everything has its roots in presence, everything calls you back to the truth. 

The absence of a separate self is the presence of the world, 

and so the great search for home ends where it began.

Here and Now."


 - Jeff Foster





Welcome to another Life Without A Centre newsletter!

In this newsletter I'm pleased to offer you a new podcast on the subject of nonduality and depression. Over the years many people have asked me to talk on this subject, and Nic Higham (of and I begin the conversation here. See below for details.

Jeff Foster interview LIVEI'll be appearing LIVE on "Conversations with Avant-Garde Sages" - Tuesday October 4th, 12-1pm EDT - Radio Satsang on WCOM 103.5 FM in Chapel Hill, NC, USA  - and you can listen for free via the internet. 

I'll be in Belgium for meetings this weekend, and Hamburg, Germany the following weekend (see info on right) - hope to see some of you there!

With love from yourself, 


Jeff x


P.S. Please check the website soon for details of a special evening meeting I'm doing in London on December 9th organised by the London Non-Duality Meetup group, and for a new article on nonduality and psychotherapy which will appear in the first edition of Undivided: The Online Journal of Nonduality and Psychology.


P.P.S. On the 3rd, 4th and 5th October I will be holding private, one-to-one sessions in Leusden, Holland. There are still a few spaces left. If you would like to book, please go to the meetings page of the website.    


Nonduality and Depression - New Podcast


Jeff Foster and Nic Higham share a new perspective on depression, anxiety, grief, love and mental illness in their new podcast (listen here)  Jeff talks about:

- the deeper meaning of 'depression' from a non-dual standpoint (what is the 'self' that is depressed?) 

- going beyond the view of depression as a 'disease' or 'illness' and finding the truth in the experience of it 

- our tendency to escape pain and create suffering 

- the possibility of finding freedom within suffering, so that suffering is no longer something to be feared.

Jeff also discusses how nonduality and wholeness relate to the experience of mental illness, why unconditional love and compassion can only be discovered here and now, and the paradox of impersonal truth within personal experience. 


If you enjoyed this episode you may consider donating to Nic Higham of Nonduality Network, who volunteers his time and effort to record, edit and distribute these podcasts. 




Here is a clip from an interview with Jeff recorded earlier this year in Malaga, Spain.


WHO Is Trying To Escape This Moment? - Jeff Foster - Interview, Malaga, Spain, Part 1
WHO Is Trying To Escape This Moment? - Jeff Foster - Interview, Malaga, Spain, Part 1


And finally....




This one is for all my actor friends out there!


Here Marlon Brando talks about the false roles we play in day-to-day life, the images of ourselves that we are always trying to hold up.......


Marlon Brando on Acting
Marlon Brando on Acting


Thanks for being HERE, ! 

Meetings with Jeff


What is awakening? Who awakens? What is meditation? What is the true meaning of 'acceptance'? What is healing? Why do we suffer? How do awakening and enlightenment relate to addiction, to conflict in relationships, to physical pain, to our search for love? Who are you, beyond all images of yourself? 


Explore these questions, in dialogue and in stillness, in a meeting or retreat with Jeff Foster... 


1 October
Meeting in Belgium

7-9 October
Meetings in Hamburg, Germany

19 October:
Workshop in San Rafael
22 October:
Panel with Scott Kiloby and Unmani at SAND Conference
24 October:
Workshop in San Rafael, 
28 October: 
Evening Meeting in Berkeley
31 October:
5 Day Retreat in Petaluma

11-13 November 
Meetings in Amsterdam

See meetings page of the website for full listings....
Upcoming Retreats


A chance to sit with Jeff and friends for a longer period of time, deeply exploring the nature of experience in dialogue and in stillness.... 



Starts 31 Oct :
A 5-Day Retreat in Petaluma, California

Starts 19 Nov:
A 3-day Intensive Retreat in Findorn, Scotland

25-28 November
3-day Weekend Intensive, Someren, Holland.

Starts 20 Mar 2012:
7-Day Retreat in South Africa

Jeff Foster

See meetings page of the website for full listings....


"The Ocean is not at war with its waves. No wave can threaten the totality of the Ocean. 
Light is not at war with darkness - darkness cannot threaten light. 
Consciousness is not at war with anything. It is not opposed to anything - it is not the opposite of anything - only thought sees opposites. 
All is allowed to arise and dissolve in the vast, oceanic, open space that you are, just as all waves are allowed to arise and fall in the Ocean, which remains undisturbed, always. 
The waves may rise and crash - but in the Ocean's depths, there is silence. 
Silence, and knowing."
- Jeff Foster


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