June 2021
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The IRS and U.S. Treasury have unveiled an online Sign-up tool designed to help families who do not normally file tax returns register for monthly child tax credit (CTC) payments. The tool which would be accessible from July 15, has been created to provide a simple way for these taxpayers to provide the IRS with the information required to process advance CTC payments. Taxpayers can provide information on qualifying children ages 17 and under, other dependents, and direct deposit bank information for payments sent to their checking or savings account directly.
June 2021 Nonprofit Spotlight
Meet New Jersey Institute for Disabilities

It is always an honor to highlight a New Jersey nonprofit organization in the SobelCo client newsletters and on our website. This month we are proud to shine the spotlight on The New Jersey Institute for Disabilities (NJID).

What you should know
The inspiration to launch NJID came in the late 1940s from two families who had sons born with Cerebral Palsy, Richie Marx and Ralph Rotella. Because no services were locally available, they traveled, with their mothers, many miles for therapies and support. While discussing their grueling trips over a MahJong game, Rosalie Marx and Mary Rotella decided they would try to establish a place of treatment and education for their sons and other children. It didn’t take long for their family and friends to become their staunchest advocates. Undeterred by the challenges they faced, these early “mahjong players” marshaled their forces and leveraged their formidable determination. They approached the Middlesex County Board of Freeholders and asked them to find a way to give Richie, Ralph, and others like them, a better life path.
Employee Benefit Plans
What is the NJ Secure Choice Savings Program?

In March of 2019, Governor Murphy signed the SECURE (“Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement”) Choice Act (Public Law 2019 Chapter 56), creating the Secure Choice Program. This program is an independent program administered by the Secure Choice Board. As of this date, the Board has not yet been organized, and so the Program has not yet started. Once the Board is fully appointed and organized, they will determine when and how to begin the program, including determining the process and timeline for enrollments.
The NJ Secure Choice Program is a voluntary retirement savings program sponsored by the State of NJ, facilitated by employers, and funded by employee savings. For this program, an employer is defined as a person or entity engaged in a business, industry, profession, trade, or other enterprises in New Jersey, whether for-profit or not-for-profit.

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