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The Employee Retention Credit (“ERC”), which was originally put into place under the CARES Act, is available to companies that experience a significant decline in gross receipts or are required to fully or partially suspend their business operations due to governmental orders. Recently there have been some key changes made to it by various tax acts.
May 2021 Nonprofit Spotlight
SobelCo is Proud to Shine the Spotlight on Sing for Hope

In 2001 when Monica Yunus and Camille Zamora were music students together at The Juilliard School, one of their most memorable moments occurred when they realized that the firefighters at the station located just down the block from the school were deeply grieving the loss of eleven of their colleagues during the 9/11 attack in New York. 

They knew they wanted to do something meaningful for these brave firefighters who had lost so much but were unsure what they could offer. And then the thought came to them – they could give them the healing gift of music! They literally knocked on the door and asked if they could sing to help ease their sadness.
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Metrics continue to play a key role in forecasting the future 

Every year the Center for Non-Profits publishes a report entitled, “New Jersey Non-Profits 2021: Trends and Outlook.” And, as a result, every year they gain profound insight from the results of their statewide survey which delves into the concerns, challenges, issues, and opportunities facing the state’s nonprofit organizations.

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