Nonprofit Network Newsletter
August 2018
As part of Steuben County Community Foundation's strategic plan, we are committed to building strong and sustainable community nonprofits in Steuben County. With the help of Dr. Kelly Trusty from Trine University, we are excited to collaborate with Steuben County’s nonprofit organizations to find out the ways we can best offer our support. SCCF is grateful to the organizations who participated in our two-day conversations this spring, sharing their challenges, successes, needs, and enthusiasm for a brighter future.

This e-newsletter was born out of those discussions as a way that we can connect you with fundraising tips and other nonprofit resources. When you're finished reading, please take a moment to fill out this 3 question (anonymous!) survey so that we can make sure we’re sharing timely, relevant information you want to read. We are also in the process of planning a series of trainings on those same topics, offering nonprofit leaders a chance to dive into more information about challenges like social media marketing and board development. Keep an eye out for updates in this newsletter and on our Facebook page!
Each month, we'll share a quick tip here about fund development.

For August, our fundraising advice is to become more visible. Donors want to SEE the impact their gift is making through a nonprofit organization. When you thank a donor for a gift, consider including pictures or sharing a graphic on Facebook. If donors know their support is making a difference, they’re more likely to continue giving to your organization in the future. Try snapping a couple of pictures at your next event or asking volunteers to step in as paparazzi for your nonprofit's work. If your budget is limited, there are also great stock photography and graphic design options available online for free that can make your organization look professional and creative. One of our favorites is
Women's Fund: August 31, 2018
Healthcare: October 31, 2018
Education: January 31, 2019
Art & Culture, Environment, Recreation, Community Development, Other: April 30, 2019

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*SCCF is in the process of ensuring our grantmaking is best situated to support the needs of Steuben County's nonprofit organizations. At this time, the board has not made any changes to priorities, deadlines, or the application process. We promise that any changes will be clearly communicated in advance with our grantees. That's part of the reason this newsletter exists!
Did you know that SCCF has a community room that nonprofit organizations can reserve (for free!) to host meetings or trainings? Give us a call at 260-665-6656 or email to find out if the room is available.

Also, if your organization has not recently updated its information on our nonprofit directory, please send a quick email to JoAnna with any changes. You can check out the directory here:
In the spirit of collaboration, this newsletter is a space where nonprofits can share requests or offer assistance. If your organization has a spare filing cabinet or printer that might be useful to another nonprofit, let us know! If your organization needs a filing cabinet or printer, let us know! We will happily share information in this "marketplace" section of the newsletter. We can't guarantee this space will always have what you need, but it's a great way for Steuben County nonprofits to support each other.

Additionally, if you're in the market for an Executive Director or need help finding volunteers for a community project, this is a potential platform for you to utilize.

Please note that SCCF will have final discretion over content posted here.
This email newsletter is a new initiative by SCCF to better serve our nonprofit partners in Steuben County. If you have questions or suggestions for improvements, please contact SCCF’s Communications Director, JoAnna Ness at or call 260-665-6656.
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