Nonprofit Network Newsletter
July 2019
Women in Transition is a local nonprofit in Angola that strives to provide a drug and alcohol free community to help women learn to live free of addiction. WIT offers Moral Reconation Therapy classes (MRT), anger management, AA and NA meetings, and recovery coaching. For Shelly Allen, Executive Director, the opportunity to speak on behalf of WIT and get to know the women is what makes her job meaningful. WIT focuses on maintainin g a structured environment with an emphasis on integrity, respect, and accountability. The women have chores and cook for each other, remaining accountable to each other and to Shelly. “We say that when no one’s looking, it’s important they still make the right choice.” In the past 7 years, over 350 women have come to Steuben County to participate in this program

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Donor Advised Funds at SCCF

SCCF works with many individuals who have established donor advised funds. These offer a hands-on way for donors to support upcoming projects and new initiatives in the community. As a nonprofit in Steuben County, this is important to remember for two reasons.

First, donors will occasionally call SCCF to ask if we know about any upcoming projects or nonprofit programs they might be interested in supporting. We require all donor advised funds to actively grant the earnings in their funds, and they are often looking for new ideas. We’re happy to share what we know, so please keep us in the loop when you are starting a new initiative.

Second, when an organization receives a grant from a donor advised fund, your nonprofit can think of it as a personal gift. Although some donors choose to give anonymously through a donor advised fund, you can still steward a gift by sending a thank-you note to SCCF and asking us to pass it along to the donor. 
Strategic Human Resources for Nonprofits
August 13, 2019 from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.
at Steuben County Community Foundation

Nonprofits rely heavily on working with people to get things done. Intentional management of human resources, including volunteers, board members, and staff, is an essential part of running an effective nonprofit organization. This training will be led by Pam Zarazee, Vice President of Human Resources at Miller Poultry.

Lunch will be provided, so please RSVP by August 6.
Save the date - SCCF's October training on Creating a Comprehensive Fundraising Plan will take place October 22nd, led by Laura Macknick.
Human Services: July 31, 2019
Women's Fund: August 30, 2019
Healthcare: October 31, 2019
Humanities Fund: Ongoing
Community Funds: Ongoing
August 27, 2019 from 4:00 - 5:30 p.m.
at Club Z in Trine University's MTI Center

Throughout the year, we often refer to our community as a big jigsaw puzzle. Each piece, like each nonprofit and individual in our community, has a different shape and design. Yet, we all fit together to form the canvas of Steuben County.

Many Steuben County nonprofits benefit from designated funds held at SCCF, which receive automatic grants on an annual basis as directed by the donors who have established these funds. Each year, SCCF distributes more than $300,000 in annual designated grants! We're excited to celebrate the many puzzle pieces of our community at this annual meeting, where we will honor the nonprofits that address a wide variety of local needs.

If your organization benefits from a designated fund, mark this date in your calendar as it will be the first opportunity you have to collect your annual grant.
Golf tee markers - Lynn Wernet has close to 100 golf tee markers available that a nonprofit could reuse with new lettering. They are in the shape of a golf ball, originally purchased from TLA signs and used as a fundraiser for a breast cancer organization. If interested, contact her at 260-668-7929.

Swap or donate items, or share information about a volunteer opportunity for your nonprofit here. Email JoAnna to add your information to our Steuben County nonprofit "marketplace." Please note that SCCF will have final discretion over content posted here.
  • Check here for workshops hosted by United Way of Noble County, the Community Foundation of Noble County, and the Dekko Foundation.

  • Search for grant funding from foundations outside of Steuben County. SCCF has purchased a 2 year subscription to Foundation Directory Online, which is a great resource for nonprofits to search a national database of grant opportunities. Stop by the SCCF office between 8:30am - 4:30pm to search for grant opportunities, or call the us with questions at 260-665-6656.
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