Nonprofit Network Newsletter
November 2018
“If you go across any sociological metric of a community, such as homelessness, drug use, or unplanned pregnancies, RISE probably impacts that number in Steuben County in some way,” shared Chris Stackhouse, Executive Director of RISE, Inc. RISE was established to help people live, work, and learn in the community and at home. For individuals with physical and developmental disabilities, navigating the world can be a challenge. RISE steps in to serve these individuals and their families across a large spectrum of needs. Clients at RISE participate in a variety of activities, and RISE collaborates with organizations to provide more services for clients. RISE recently expanded its partnerships to the business world, connecting with Chapman’s Brewing Company. Clients at RISE prepare and take food orders for patrons at Chapman’s, offering a multitude of “wins.” RISE clients gain valuable job experience, RISE earns some income which can supplement other programming, and Chapman’s is able to offer visitors some tasty treats.

Read the full story about RISE on our website here.

Pictured below are RISE clients, and Executive Director Chris Stackhouse at the new "Buffalo Bistro" in Chapman's Angola taproom.
Giving Tuesday will take place on November 27, 2018. When people are done with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, nonprofits can offer an opportunity to give back to the community. This is a great day for mobilizing volunteers and kick-starting your organization's year-end appeal. We encourage you to check out the official website to learn how your organization can participate in Giving Tuesday. You'll find tips and logos that your nonprofit can use to fundraise on Giving Tuesday. SCCF chose to participate in Giving Tuesday by organizing a community wish list this year.
If you have 10-12 minutes to spare, you can learn great fundraising tips each week. The Fund Raising School in Indianapolis offers a weekly podcast with current news and research about fundraising and philanthropy. This week's interview with Bill Stanczykiewicz is called "Marketing for Fundraising." You can listen to the episode and check out their backlog of over 30 other interviews with scholars and practitioners in the field of philanthropy.
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SCCF also has community funds with grant dollars available on an ongoing basis for projects in communities throughout Steuben County. Applications available on our website.
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