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October 2018
TLC House Indiana (TLC) is an emergency shelter that offers support for women and children escaping domestic violence. In addition to providing safety and shelter, TLC creates a structured environment that allows women to experience how life will be when they are on their own. Mada Waldrop, Executive Director of TLC, shared, “Working relationships with other nonprofits are necessary to survive. To get people access to the most important services, we have to work as a community.” TLC partners with the Bowen Center, and many TLC clients utilize its community outreach program to secure assistance. TLC is often addressing multiple issues at any time, and approximately 85-90% of the women who come to TLC are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction as well as domestic violence. In addition to meeting the immediate needs of clients, TLC board members and staff offer art therapy classes, financial literacy assistance, and cooking classes. “Often the very stuff they’re looking for is a little TLC,” said Mary Lou Orn, TLC board president. TLC also works with local temp agencies to find jobs that match client skills and availability, as well as offering transportation. The latter is crucial because only half of the women have cars.

TLC has been serving women and children who flee domestic violence since November of 2011. One key to their success so far has been cooperation between the board and staff. Waldrop explained, “Our board is amazing. They have such love and support for the residents and their director.” The TLC board also works with Dr. Kelly Trusty each year at their board retreat to refocus their goals and make sure their work is effective. Although they find it challenging to raise the funds that cover operating costs and allow the organization to grow, they feel grateful that the community continues to be supportive of their work. And, when Mada Waldrop and the board encounter difficult days, they are motivated by their many client success stories to carry on with their efforts.

Read the full story about TLC House Indiana on our website here.

Pictured below are TLC board members with executive director, Mada Waldrop.
Volunteers are more likely to be donors than the general public. To build a fundraising base, strategically utilize your volunteers. Do you need help with a one-time maintenance project? Is there an upcoming event where you use volunteers? This extends to building your future pipeline of donors as well. Many students need volunteer hours for extracurricular clubs or graduation requirements. Young parents may be pressed for time and searching for ways to include their children in volunteer activities. Because each volunteer is introduced to your organization’s mission and impact on the community, you stand a greater chance at converting them into future donors!

Recruiting great volunteers is not enough. Treat your weekly, monthly, and occasional volunteers like donors. Send a thank-you card during the holiday season, recognizing their contributions to your organization's success. Host an informal celebration of their impact and offer sweet treats or a fun experience. Overall, your organization should make a conscious effort to recruit volunteers, engage them in a great experience that is well-structured, and thank them regularly for their donation of time and service.

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Bonus - Did you know that Tech Soup, the organization providing low-cost software for nonprofits, also hosts educational webinars? Watch this previously recorded webinar when it fits your schedule: 27 Ways to Improve Your Website Immediately
If you offer art therapy classes, plan a community-wide production, or host a number of other arts related projects, consider applying for a Regional Initiative Grant. This is a state-wide program that provides funding to ensure all Indiana citizens have access to quality arts and cultural activities. Our local Regional Arts Partner is Arts United of Greater Fort Wayne.

We recently learned that zero organizations in Steuben County applied for this grant last year, and SCCF hopes that Steuben County nonprofits consider pursuing this opportunity for arts funding. There will be a seminar in January to walk organizations through the process of applying. In the meantime, learn more here: Regional Initiative Grants
Women's Fund: October 26, 2018
Healthcare: October 31, 2018
Education: January 31, 2019
Art & Culture, Environment, Recreation, Community Development, Other: April 30, 2019
Humanities Fund: Ongoing

SCCF has community funds with grant dollars available on an ongoing basis for projects in communities throughout Steuben County. Download an application on our website and follow the instructions on the document to submit your request. This includes the Angola Fund, Ashley-Hudson Fund, Clear Lake Fund, Fremont Fund, Hamilton Fund, Helmer Fund, Metz Fund, Orland Fund, Pleasant Lake Fund, and Salem Center Fund.

For more information, click the button below.

*SCCF is in the process of ensuring our grantmaking is best situated to support the needs of Steuben County's nonprofit organizations. At this time, the board has not made any changes to priorities, deadlines, or the application process. We promise that any changes will be clearly communicated in advance with our grantees. That's part of the reason this newsletter exists!
SCCF's first event of our nonprofit capacity building initiative will take place October 30, 2018 from 3-4pm.

Join us at the SCCF office for the chance to share your organization's needs. We're in the process of developing a community-wide wish list, right in time for the end of the year! You'll also be the first to learn about upcoming trainings we have planned, all while enjoying coffee and treats for a fun afternoon break.

If you have questions, please contact JoAnna Ness, our communications director. You're encouraged to bring one or two staff members who might find it useful to network with other nonprofit employees and volunteers in the community.

More details on our website here, including the wish list form: Upcoming Events
Please be on the lookout for a unique survey link and communications from the Charitable Advisors team, who are working to gather data and publish a nonprofit salary report for our region. If you do not receive your link and full instructions or have questions, please contact Amy Zoellner at
Steuben County's youth philanthropy group, FIST, has organized a community-wide canned food drive. For more information, click here to see the event flyer.

As they plan for their upcoming year, FIST is actively seeking nonprofits and community projects that need volunteers. If you know of an organization that might be interested in partnering with FIST, please contact Susie Nafziger, the Steuben County Community Foundation’s Youth Philanthropy Coordinator, at or call SCCF at 260-665-6656. 
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