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September 2018
“I like that every day is not the same. I meet so many different people, in age, income, and ability level, and I have conversations with them about why they’re here.” This is what keeps Krista Miller motivated as Executive Director of the YMCA of Steuben County.

Part of the reason the YMCA stands out as a nonprofit organization is its willingness to evolve. Although it started as an organization known for youth sports programs and recreation, the YMCA today has taken a wider approach to support community health and wellness. Its mission is to strengthen the community through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. The YMCA plays a big part in improving health and wellness, but they know their impact is greatest when they are working with other health organizations so that community members are getting the right help for their needs.

The YMCA measures success by seeing improved quality of life, whatever that means to an individual. This success is enabled by a strong board who believes in and advocates for the mission, and staff who take that to heart. Their Chief Volunteer Officer, Joe Hysong, shared his thoughts on the YMCA. “I'm not sure there is another nonprofit in Steuben County that is touching as many lives in as many ways.” Joe is proud of their wide variety of programs, including Parkinson programs, LiveStrong Cancer, Diabetes Prevention, regular exercise for a healthy lifestyle, summer camps for children, Wavemakers swim team, youth sports, and more. “Finally Social Responsibility—we believe that we give all of our employees the opportunity not just to have a job but an opportunity to be part of something much bigger than themselves so they not only have a feeling of accomplishment but a feeling of service for a cause. We are proud of the impact and mark that we are making on our community and can't wait to see what happens in the next few years.”

One constant challenge for the YMCA is that each new idea for a program and resource to help community members is accompanied by a need to raise the funds that make the work possible. Krista and her board are talking strategically about how to sustain themselves into the future, with plans to keep reserves for maintenance and grow their endowment. 

“I see people who tell me the Y gives them a reason to leave their house, and I wonder how many more people we can reach,” said Krista. As people continue to live longer, Krista and her team at the YMCA are excited to continue finding ways to help them have fuller lives.
When donors want information on your nonprofit, they often start by checking for a website to learn about the mission, board and staff qualifications, and evidence of impact. For larger gifts, donors may search GuideStar for your nonprofit's annual required tax filings (IRS Form 990). You can show donors that your nonprofit is committed to transparency by completing your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile. Although GuideStar will already share nonprofit 990s from recent years, your organization can take things a step further and update your profile with your mission statement, program descriptions, audited financials, impact goals, and demonstrate your progress towards metrics you set. 

Click here to learn how to update your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile.

GuideStar also has a blog with great articles about nonprofit leadership. Here are a couple recent articles that piqued our interest!
Sometimes, free webinars offer great information and a chance to think creatively about your organization's projects. We found a couple of interesting options:
  • Learn more about using Facebook to raise funds for your organization on Giving Tuesday: click here
  • Find out how your nonprofit board and leaders can use strategic alliances to have greater impact: click here
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SCCF has community funds with grant dollars available on an ongoing basis for projects in communities throughout Steuben County. Download an application on our website and follow the instructions on the document to submit your request. This includes the Angola Fund, Ashley-Hudson Fund, Clear Lake Fund, Fremont Fund, Hamilton Fund, Helmer Fund, Metz Fund, Orland Fund, Pleasant Lake Fund, and Salem Center Fund.

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*SCCF is in the process of ensuring our grantmaking is best situated to support the needs of Steuben County's nonprofit organizations. At this time, the board has not made any changes to priorities, deadlines, or the application process. We promise that any changes will be clearly communicated in advance with our grantees. That's part of the reason this newsletter exists!
Near the end of August, 16 students in FIST met to discuss their big goals for the 2018-2019 school year. Steuben County Community Foundation’s youth philanthropy group, Forever Improving Steuben County Together, plans to spend the year inspiring others to be more philanthropic. Each member offered their input about the impact FIST might have over the next 10 months, and many focused on engaging youth in the community. FIST hopes to teach others about volunteering and share that youth have an important voice and can make a difference in their community. In addition to volunteering in the community, FIST offers grant dollars to enable nonprofits and educators to make more of an impact.

As they plan for their upcoming year, FIST is actively seeking nonprofits and community projects that need volunteers. If you know of an organization that might be interested in partnering with FIST, please contact Susie Nafziger, the Steuben County Community Foundation’s Youth Philanthropy Coordinator, at or call SCCF at 260-665-6656. 
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