Special Edition
On July 8, the NC General Assembly concluded the main part of its 2020 legislative session, having implemented many policy solutions that will help North Carolina’s nonprofit sector respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ve pulled together a summary of the key state policy developments affecting nonprofits to help you keep track of policy developments and understand how they might affect your organization and the North Carolinians it serves.

Nonprofits’ advocacy made a difference on every policy issue identified in this summary. Many bills were introduced because of the recommendations of nonprofits. Others legislation was improved because nonprofits explained to policymakers the negative consequences that proposals might have on the communities they serve. In some cases, nonprofits helped stop bills that would have been detrimental to their missions.

We’ll continue to update you when legislators return for additional special sessions later this summer and fall. In the meantime, please share your story about how your nonprofit advocated on state policy issues this year so other nonprofits can learn from your great advocacy work!
Nonprofits Ask Congress for #Relief4Charities
Congress is expected to pass its next piece of COVID-19 legislation this month. This morning, as national nonprofit leaders begin a week of advocating for #Relief4Charities, thousands of nonprofits sent a letter to congressional leaders asking them to include four nonprofit policy solutions in the final package:
  1. Continue Emergency Funding Programs including improvements to the Paycheck Protection Program, creation of a nonprofit jobs-expansion program, and funding for community support grants programs that enable nonprofits to serve vulnerable populations.
  2. Provide Low-Cost Loans to Mid-Size and Larger Nonprofits that have been left out of and not able to access government funding.
  3. Strengthen Charitable Giving Incentives by expanding the incentives to all taxpayers, not just itemizers, via an above-the-line or universal charitable deduction of one-third of the standard deduction.
  4. Provide Full Unemployment Benefit Reimbursement benefits paid to laid off or furloughed employees of self-insured or reimbursing nonprofit employers.

Thank you if your nonprofit signed on to this letter! North Carolina had more nonprofits sign on to the letter than any other state.
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