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June 2018 - Nonprofit of the Year
Dear Friends, 
In the last 24 years, we've worked with thousands of donors and nonprofits, like you, to distribute more than $50 million in grants.
We work year-round to serve as a bridge between philanthropic families and hard-working nonprofit agencies, bringing people, ideas and resources together to enhance the quality of life in our community.
Senator Dodd understands the very important role that nonprofits play in making our communities stronger and more vibrant -- in ordinary times and extraordinary times, alike -- such as the last eight months following the Northbay fires. 
We are truly honored that he's chosen us as nonprofit of the year in his District.
Click here to read more about this honor in the Napa Valley Register article.
Whether you are a nonprofit partner or donor, or both, we thank you for your support and partnership.
Terence P. Mulligan
Napa Valley Community Foundation
Napa Valley Community Foundation