December 2019
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SobelCo Shines the Spotlight: Animal Lighthouse Rescue 

Every month SobelCo is proud to shine our spotlight on a special nonprofit. For December 2019 we have selected Animal Lighthouse Rescue (ALR), an organization with a unique mission and a unique champion.

Let’s start with an important concept – ‘sato.’ For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term sato, it is a slang word that refers to the stray dogs that roam across Puerto Rico. 
Power of Liberating Structures
Sally Glick, SobelCo
At the recent Center for Nonprofits annual conference, I attended a session entitled “Collaborations Made Fun and Easy: Power of Liberating Structures.” While most workshops that address the topic of collaboration do so from the perspective of one or more nonprofits collaborating with each other that was what I thought we would be talking about!

However, the topic actually focused on how organizations – both for profit and nonprofit- can collaborate more efficiently internally.
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