January 2019
Happy New Year!
Knowing Your Audience:
Helping Nonprofits Thrive

Bridget Hartnett , CPA, PSA
Communicating across the generations
With five generations still working side-by-side in many organizations, nonprofits must be able to communicate in a meaningful way despite their different values, experiences, historical backdrop and expertise with technology.

The first step is to analyze the organization’s donor and volunteer base and segment it by generation. Consider the perspectives of each group, and understand what motivates, inspires and compels their decision making. Leveraging this information will enable you to target your communications more effectively and efficiently. What do you need to know?

How will nonprofit organizations adapt in the short and long term to ensure their mission is funded given the evolving trends on the horizon for 2019?
In a recent interview with Vicki Bixel, President of Semple Bixel Associates, she noted that there are three significant new trends and emerging disrupters that nonprofit leaders must consider.

“It is no longer possible for nonprofits to ignore the impact of the tax act, the residual consequences of the political climate and the dismissive attitude toward Generation X,” she noted. Let’s examine each of these.

The impact of the tax act
Unfortunately the end of year outreach from many nonprofits continued to focus strongly on the tax deductibility of donations rather than on the organization’s critical mission.

Storytelling Helps Brand
Nonprofit Organizations
At a recent roundtable held for Executive Directors and CEOs of nonprofit organizations, the conversation quickly turned to the concept of marketing and branding. Because all organizations, of every size and scope, rely on their ability to generate a robust pipeline of sustainable support, the emphasis is on branding now more than ever. The stronger the brand and the greater its reputation, the easier it is for the nonprofit to attract and motivate donors and volunteers.

Inevitably, the key discussion points centered on how to build a local brand and how to leverage that brand to establish lasting and loyal connections .
The Client Spotlight is on New Jersey Symphony Orchestra
The first SobelCo Nonprofit Spotlight of 2019 will feature our long time client and New Jersey icon, the NJSO! The NJ Symphony Orchestra is truly a world-class organization that has been rooted in the rich history of the state for nearly a century. 
Historic background

Founded in 1922, the predecessor to NJSO opened with its first concert at the Montclair Art Museum, offering music by Purcell, Saint-Saens and Veracini along with the world premiere of US composer Cecil Forsyth’s ‘The Dark Road.’

2019 NJ Non-Profit Issues & Trends Survey
We are very proud to once again sponsor the Center for Non-Profits Annual New Jersey Non-Profit Issues & Trends Survey. The deadline for compliance is January 29, 2019, so we are asking you to please invest the 10-20 minutes needed to complete the survey today.

Your feedback has proven to be essential to their work in advocating for sector needs and educate policy makers, funders and the media. 

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