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Welcome to the SobelCo Nonprofit Spotlight

As we shine the spotlight on our client, Eagle Island Camp, we need to explore the legacy that had its beginnings as a delightful get-away for Levi Morton, who served as Vice President of the United States from 1889 to 1893. It was Morton who built this Adirondack Great Camp on the 30 acre island in 1903 for his family which used it for several years before selling the island to the Graves, a local Essex County family. They enjoyed the vacation spot until they gave it up in 1937, over eight decades ago, to a northern New Jersey Girl Scout council to be converted into a summer youth camp.
Managing Your Volunteer Force

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the nonprofit community. Every organization, of any size, relies on the many hours, as well as dollars and other resources, to achieve their mission. Volunteers drive programs, services, and events while also serving as advocates and champions. It is often through their passion that the nonprofit’s brand is built and story is told. 

But keeping volunteers engaged is not an easy task.   

Census, Hard to Count Communities, and the Effort to Reach Them
This year the United States Department of Commerce will begin the effort to count every person in the nation through the 2020 Census.
This count is used to determine the allocation of more than $675 billion in federal funds annually for community programs and services, including schools, hospitals, and even job training. In addition to federal funds, state, and local governments use census information for planning and allocating funds for new school construction, libraries, roads and bridges, highway safety, and public transportation systems, location of police and fire departments, among many other projects.
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March 5, 2020
Nonprofit CEO Roundtable

March 18, 2020
Executive Women's Breakfast

March 24, 2020
Nonprofit Roundtable:
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