October/November 2018
Nonprofits Have an Impact
The Advantages of Strategic Positioning for Nonprofits
On October 10, 2018 a panel of experts tackled key issues surrounding strategic positioning at the 14th annual SobelCo Nonprofit Symposium.

They all agreed that it is typical for leaders to get caught in the “weeds” – spending time executing tasks and addressing immediate challenges and issues as they arise. After all, who isn’t distracted by having a fire to put out every day?

It is much more difficult to take a step back and think ahead to the next three to five years in order to consider the best strategy to adopt to guide the organization to accomplish its mission.

What is a Nonprofit Mission Statement and Why Does it Matter?
Client Spotlight:
Share & Care Foundation
The Share & Care Foundation is in the spotlight this month! At SobelCo we are very proud of the nonprofits we work with, and it gives us great pleasure to be able to tell their story.

Helping Those at the Bottom of the Ladder
The Share & Care Foundation is the result of passionate founders who were highly motivated to improve life in rural India. This is no easy task, but from the beginning they were, and still are, committed to connecting a vast network of educational, health care, disaster relief/crisis recovery and women empowerment programs. Their efforts have paid off as the integrated programs address both critical crisis and ongoing situations more effectively than they did when they worked independently of each other.

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What is a mission statement?
A nonprofit mission statement can be defined as, “A short statement of an organization's purpose, identifying the scope of its operations: what kind of service it provides and its primary clients.”

Unlike a vision statement which is more of a declaration of an organization's objectives, intended to guide its internal decision-making, a mission statement offers a road map to enable the nonprofit to accomplish its purpose and attain its goals.

Given the important of a mission statement in shaping the organization’s strategic approach and tactical activities, leaders of nonprofits should invest time into writing their mission statement as well as reviewing it periodically to ensure that it continues to be relevant and achievable.

November 14
Nonprofit Webinar

"Year-End Planning in a New Nonprofit Landscape"

Presented by
Linda Czipo, President & CEO
Center for Non-Profits

December 19
Nonprofit CEO Roundtable

Join us and fellow Executive Directors, CEOs and others with a leadership role in a nonprofit organization share insights, ask questions and exchange best practices in an informal and confidential environment.