September 2019
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SobelCo Shines the Spotlight: Supportive Housing Association

This month the SobelCo nonprofit spotlight shines on the Supportive Housing Association of New Jersey (SHA), a statewide member organization located in South Orange, New Jersey.

Before describing the benefits that SHA delivers to clients and the community, it is essential to understand exactly what the term supportive housing means.
The Power of Your Mind

Traci Blank, FIBH, CMS-CHt, CPC
While understanding our thoughts and behaviors is an essential perspective for everyone, those who work in the nonprofit community are often the most stressed and the most challenged because of the work they do in the community with some of the most vulnerable populations. As such, the information shared here may be especially helpful for them as they engage with clients.

This article is part one of a multi-part series on human behavior and thought processes, on hypnotherapy and on mindfulness.
Beyond the Dollar - Building an Engaged Support System
Joseph Hunt, SobelCo
The nonprofit community has many different ways to achieve their vision. Often financial support is key as well as volunteering time and effort.

While fundraising is often the topic that receives the most attention, by itself, it is not enough to reach the goals of the organization.

Development teams typically focus their efforts on identifying and cultivating potential donors and others who will offer the financial contributions that enable the nonprofit to survive and serve its clients.

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