November 2019
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SobelCo Shines the Spotlight: Introducing Morris Arts

SobelCo is proud to shine the spotlight this month on all our friends at Morris Arts, a nonprofit organization originally founded in 1973 as the Arts Council of the Morris Area. From its inception, Morris Arts has been true to its mission of “building community through the arts.” A passionate champion and advocate of the arts, they are dedicated to achieving their vision for creating more livable, vibrant and sustainable communities.
Different Levels of Succession
in a Nonprofit
Bridget Hartnett, CPA, PSA, SobelCo
Ron Matan, CPA, CGMA, PSA, SobelCo
Succession in a nonprofit takes place at several different levels, the three most important being turnover of the Executive Director, the board chair, and board members.

Change is risky business
There is always push back in every organization whenever long time, top level performers announce that they will be involved in a transition in the next one to five years.
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