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Norco Search - When You Only Need One Bike
The universal equation N+1 is commonly recognized among cyclists. It's about as straightforward as math gets and represents the number of bikes a cyclist needs, with N being the number of bikes currently owned. But what if there was a bike that caused a mathematical fallacy? The Norco Search Carbon would be it as far as drop bar bikes go.

The Norco Search Carbon is categorized as an adventure road bike. Anyone with an adventurous bone in their bike body would be the ideal owner for the Search. DNA results show a main strand of gravel bike with a strong trace of road bike. Short of technical singletrack and deep sand/soil, the Search can be ridden anywhere your wanderlust could lead you (with drop handlebars), but without the floaty feeling usually attributed with multi-surface bikes.

It steers with confidence and won't punish an abrupt jerk to the bars when switching lines on a rutted dirt road. Don't let that fool you into thinking the steering isn't responsive. Because the bottom bracket is placed somewhat low, you experience the grounded feeling of a road bike. Putting down power doesn't feel far off from your pedal scraping race bike you bring out for the Saturday morning Drop the Doc ride.

With clearance for 35mm tires, and hydraulic disc brakes, you can explore where your temptations take you.

Whether it's mud...


Or whatever situation you find yourself in....

A sub-1000g ARC Endurance carbon keeps total bike weight in check while delivering comfort on long rides or rough terrain. Your ride doesn't stop at the end of the paved trail with the Norco Search, and with a bike this capable why should it.

I can hear all the roadies saying, "Alright so it works on gravel, but what about the road...?" Don't worry roadies, this bike handles the tarmac just as beautiful as the tough gravel trails. Mount slick tires on the Norco Search and you'll see why this bike is still classified as a road bike. Perfect for the spotty spring weather, the late fall cool down, and even the mid-summer group rides and crits. The Norco Search is capable of successful KOM hunting if that's your thing, provided you have the legs. There's no denying that it's more the rider than the bike, but why do more work than you have to? Let the Norco Search make your mission to prove that easier. It really is the bike for every situation.

But there is one area that I haven't covered yet. What's the point of all this functionality if you aren't turning heads on the local group ride? Even when it's covered in mud, well placed color accents pop with enough strength to catch attention through splattered sunglasses.

The Norco Search Carbon definitely puts a smile on my face every time I get in the saddle. Let it put one on yours.

Words by Jason Hoelker
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