It's been an exciting week in the world of cross country skiing here in North America as we watched our neighbors to the north host a week and a half of world cup ski racing. The icing on the cake is having both Canadians and Americans doing well and skiing fast in front of the home crowd.
But the World Cup excitement doesn't hide the fact that many of us have had very challenging winters with very little snow if any. We're feeling fortunate here in Aspen to have a relatively decent season with an ok snowpack as we head into March. A very snowy January has allowed us to weather a very dry and warm February. As we head into one of the best months for skiing, the warm sunny weather has many of our faithful nords already dreaming of warm times in the desert.  
For the past month your Board of Directors has been working on its 7 initiatives that were identified at its retreat last spring. I'm looking forward to the annual CCSAA Conference at Snow Mountain Ranch in April with one of the focuses on the Education initiative to provide training to groomers and share the best practices of the art we call XC ski trail grooming. There also will be an educational track on hospitality and more discussion about the future of CCSAA and the Board strategic plan. I look forward to the hands-on training opportunities and the many fireside discussions with my colleagues.
This edition of the Nordic Network includes some interesting tips and stats about marketing and an article about the connection between wellness and cross country skiing.
Well it's time to practice our melt/freeze grooming and we look forward to seeing you all at Snow Mountain Ranch for this year's annual CCSAA Conference!
Happy Trails!
Austin Weiss 
CCSAA Board of Directors 

P.S. from Chris

In 2 weeks the cross country industry gathers for the CCSAA Annual Conference at Snow Mountain Ranch, Co lorado. Our agenda is heavily focused on trail grooming and hospitality. A new format of concurrent sessions is planned along with one-on-one time with the snowcats, implements, snowmakers, and our endorsed insurance advisor. We're still taking sign-ups for FREE website analysis offered from Grey Suit Retail as well as the opportunity to meet privately with several of our vendors and presenters. If you're coming to the Conference and missed this sign-up form, here it is.

Haven't registered for the Conference yet? What's stopping you? Here's the link for the Conference details.

See you in Colorado!

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Chris Frado, CCSAA Executive Director

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Nordic Network newsletter : MARCH 2016 : content contributor ROGER LOHR
Ski Like an Olympian or World Champion

Cross country ski trails in the mountains of Norway.
Get Tips on the Trail with Liz 
What better way to have fun on the trails at Snow Mountain Ranch than to ski with one of the leaders on the U.S. Ski Team. Join Liz and your nordic colleagues for the CCSAA Conference April 5&6 in Colorado. Register here.
Marketing Tidbits

Cross country ski trails in the mountains of Norway.
Snap Chat Facts
According to info found by the Intrepid Entrepreneur Kristin Carpenter
SnapChat has 100 million active daily users.
86% of SnapChat's users fall into the 13 - 37 age range.
5+ billion videos are viewed on SnapChat each day.
Emotional Triggers from Juntae Delan
When 2 groups of people received 2 different donation-seeking letters - one with stats and one with an emotional story, the emotional letter received an average donation that was TWO TIMES higher than the statistics-laden letter! It was reported that 31% of advertisers report significant profit gains with emotional campaigns. (Does this mean that 69% of advertisers did not use such campaigns or did they fail using an emotional tact?)
Rational to Emotional Words
Additionally   -          There's more
Concerned     -          Worried
Difficult         -          Tough/Hard
Immediately   -           Right Now
Perhaps        -            Maybe
Superior        -            Better
Terminate      -           End
Is another way of addressing this issue called "Dumbing Down"?

10 Emotional Triggers to get People to Buy
Fear - Don't get left behind
Guilt - Your contribution can make the difference between these children eating dinner and going to bed hungary.
Trust - No gimmicks or hidden costs.
Value - You won't fomd a better deal anywhere else.
Belonging - Join today and see what everyone's talking about.
Competition - Be the envy of your neighbors.
Instant Gratification - Talk to one of our reps so you can stop worrying today.
Leadership - Be the first of your friends to take advantage of this offer.
Trendsetting - Be like your favorite celebrities.
Time - Clean your house in half the time.
Admittedly, the example sentences are idiotic, but you get the idea.

Most Powerful Words in the English Language
In order:
1. NEW
2. Love
3. Results
4. You
5. Proven
6. Discover
7. Save
8. Guarantee
9. Safety
10. Health

Marketing Wellness
In an NSAA Journal article the case for becoming more distinctive and articulate in marketing about "wellness" was made - mountain resorts provide guests with more than simple outdoor experiences that are an alternative to indoor sedentary lives that so many people experience day-to-day.
Travelers want to go to beautiful destinations but also they want to be at peace, feel healthy, and have a good quality of life. The four core reasons related to leisure travel according to the National Laboratory for Tourism and Commerce Institute at the University of Florida include to learn, to drop out of work for awhile, to connect with family or friends, and to be healthy.
The noneconomic benefits of well-being are a major aspect of differentiation between destinations and these benefits are valued by people more than ever. For kids, such benefits include (from a parental perspective) treating mental and physical maladies (i.e., obesity), easing of hyperactivity and attention disorders, and even improved scholastic ability. The outdoors has been shown to help kids develop better cognitively, emotionally, and behaviorally while being more creative and having more stable and more normal social relationships.
Adults who spend time outdoors have more self-esteem and are less prone to mood swings and depression. They heal faster (perhaps because of Vitamin D from sunshine) due to a boosted immune system. Getting outdoors alleviates mental fatigue, which improves the ability to think and remember clearly. A study showed that simply taking a walk in nature reduced depression scores in 71% of participants compared to 45% of a control group who walked indoors in a shopping center. Amazingly, 22% of the shopping center walkers ended up more depressed!
Additionally, getting outdoors helps to relieve stress and promote deeper sleep patterns. So ski areas and resorts can become facilitators to provide an environment conducive to wellness but it is important to help visitors become more engaged so they have a meaningful experience. Help visitors have an experience that touches their inner needs, and appeals to their personal growth to make it "worth their time."
Cross country skiing and snowshoeing do well to provide blue skies, natural terrain, quietness, and outdoor beauty. The ski area can appeal to prospective visitors' senses to incorporate these themes in marketing efforts.
For younger people, the ski area needs to provide things that will capture their interest (you need to figure out activities that are interesting to this group) and people in their 30s and 40s favor resorts that they are already fond of (from past experience) and they look at the whole experience. For people aged beyond 50, being gentler to the body plays an increasingly important role in their leisure time pursuits. They are more appreciative of their natural environment, want to relax, and reduce stress. The older people want other things in addition to the skiing. Let's face it, how long does a typical cross country ski or snowshoe outing last anyway?
Another aspect with wellness is that it is significant for women. That may sound sexist, but look at the Wanderlust Yoga Festivals, hosted at ski resorts in the summer and attract 85% women aged 25-40 and provide music, yoga classes, guest speakers, and top chef cooking clinics. It suggests that ski resorts can succeed by increasing entertainment and other activities besides skiing. It has also been shown that paying closer attention to resort food helps to project a wellness image. Touting local fare and fresh, healthy food selection should be in the Nordic ski area wheelhouse.
Other suggestions include joint marketing with other local businesses that are unique and indigenous to the location. Interpretive outings provide obvious connections to learning about the outdoors, environment, history, and yourself. Invite local schools to come to the resort to take nature walks or get special presentations that feature wellness and the outdoors. Host special days and/or retreats for targeted groups in the local community.
The easiest way to apply wellness in marketing is to show people smiling and happy in any depiction associated with your ski area or resort.
CCSAA Conference  April 5-6

The CCSAA Annual Conference will be held at Snow Mountain Ranch, Colorado on April 5-6 , 2016. This meeting will provide a great opportunity for networking with your peers in the business and professional development for your ski area staff on grooming and snowmaking with clinics, workshops, and on-snow opportunities. There will also be a presentation about the CCSAA Strategic Plan and skiing with Rossignol-sponsored, Liz Stephen from the US Ski Team. For more info and to register click here.   
Capital Watch

T he March issue of the NSAA Capital Watch has
info about a new bipartisan Climate Caucus in the House of Representatives, ski fee retention at the local national forest, ADA webinar, and paid sick leave draft rules for Federal contractors. Click  

Insurance Intelligence 

We look forward to seeing you all at the conference at Snow Mountain in April!
We are offering a free analysis of your insurance program. Sign up at registration.
Think Snow!
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