Norfield's Friday News Roundup
Special Spring Edition!
Delivered to your inboxes on every Friday, you'll find "Norfield's Friday News Roundup!" This week, we've featured a "Special Spring Edition" which we hope you'll enjoy! It's our way of wrapping up a busy week of Norfield happenings among our congregants and throughout the greater community! News submissions are welcomed and encouraged and can be submitted to Teri Gaberman at Thank You!
Norfield is in Bloom this Spring!

In honor of the first day of May, known as May Day, we've compiled a wonderful slideshow of all the blossoming trees and flowers on the Norfield campus for you to enjoy! Special thanks to Tracy Pennoyer for capturing the beauty from her camera lens and to Aaron Gaberman for producing the Norfield Sights of Spring video!

Coming Soon!
"How Does the Norfield Gary Garden Grow?"

Spring has sprung and so will the planting begin to take root in the Norfield Gary Garden. Stay tuned for more information and updates in addition to a pictorial montage of our garden!
featured this week are...
Following Sunday's online worship service, Aaron Gaberman, with help from his mom, Teri, swiftly moved into action to begin assembling (15) protective hoods as part of a community-wide initiative led by Westonite David Levy to deliver hundreds of hoods to New York and Connecticut ER doctors and nurses. As a cancer survivor, Aaron was, in particular eager to volunteer to be able to protect the lives of the healthcare providers who were responsible for saving his life. Aaron's way of life is to pay it forward in acts of kindness and gratitude to others for all the blessings he's received from them.

Currently, the United States has the tragic distinction of having the  highest daily death toll from COVID-19 anywhere on earth.  Thousands of medical workers are falling ill, pulled from the frontlines just when we need them most. So far, more than 50 have died nationwide. For doctors and nurses, a steady supply of personal protective equipment, PPE, can be a lifesaver. But there are massive shortages in those supplies. As a result, doctors and nurses are risking their lives each day without the same protective gear many of their counterparts around the world have.

David Levy expresses his sincere gratitude for last week's team of volunteers who assembled the hoods. The process the Levy family adopted was to drop off self-contained “kits” of materials to make 15 hoods (bucket, pre-cut Tyvek forms for the sides and tops, report covers, a roll of tape, garbage bag). Then, people returned the assembled hoods to the Levy's home in the garbage bag.

The Results? It was a success! The team of volunteers produced 60 hoods and they did it faster than the Levy family could have done it alone. All hoods were delivered to ER doctors and nurses!

Here's How YOU can Help!

Scale Up for this Weekend: NEED SUPPLIES!!!
The operation was such a success that it consumed a lot of David Levy's own existing supplies (other than Tyvek). So, in order to scale our operation, we need the following (NOTE: Substitute brands are fine EXCEPT for the Tyvek!): 

All are available at the Fairfield Home Depot (and likely other locations)
Tape dispensers (usually comes with a roll of tape)
Available at Norwalk Staples (and likely other locations, as well as on line)

Scale Up for this Weekend: Volunteers, too
David will be happy to be the captain of this and cut the patterns, but the more people we have…the more PPE we can make!

Pattern cutters: I can provide a plastic template that makes cutting easy (you’ll need a utility knife)
Assemblers: This is the fun part. It can be a family activity. Set up stations.

If you can contribute in any way, please contact David Levy at 203.803.3568 (c).

Toyin Okoro aka "Wonder Woman" has been burning the midnight oil at her designer clothing store cutting and sewing hundreds of customized masks for friends and family members near and far. Recently, she outfitted both her son Zane and his schoolmates in London, England with soccer masks. What a Mom!! Toyin's masks are made from 100% organic cotton with sown in filters and are machine washable. Toyin is working on a special Mother's Day project to provide masks for Norfield's seniors and will soon be taking orders from the general public for designer masks with a portion of the proceeds benefiting charity. Stay tuned for details!
God Bless You Toyin!
Discovery Hour Lesson
Sunday, May 3rd

Dear Norfield Families,
This week's Discovery Hour lesson is "Early Believers."  The lesson is based on Lectionary readings that families can watch together. The Bible story, illustrations, and activities are based on Spark House's "Activate Faith Lectionary Sunday School Lessons." Click on the link below for the lesson.

Have a Blessed Spring Weekend!
Gather together as a family to worship with us online every Sunday morning at 10am via the Norfield Congregational Church YouTube Channel o r website:

Join us this Sunday, May 3rd for Confirmation Sunday as we celebrate the 2020 Confirmation Class - Anna Brendsel, Kaelin Burke, Larsen Burke, Tristan Burke, Alexander Hillyard, Tara Hoffman, Gigi Kins, Casey Lerner, Henry Mazzarulli, Campbell McNulty, TJ Mecca, Emma Robert, Lauren Schramm and Jay Watson.
" May God bless you with a good life, full of love, joy, and contentment. May you always stay strong in your faith and trust in His plan.” And on this special day, our prayer is that you will always remember that Jesus loves you and that you have faith in Him.”
Norfield Prayer Cards in your Inbox!
The Norfield Clergy and Staff are continuing their tradition, during weekly Tuesday staff meetings, of lifting up in prayer those within our congregation and beyond by sending Norfield prayer cards via email rather than conventional mail. So, be sure to check your inbox for a prayer card coming soon and remember to keep the faith!
CIRI Donation Update
Norfielder and CIRI board member, Bayard Dodge continues to zip around the state delivering food and nonperishable items to refugee families in addition to Norfielder, Tracy Pennoyer who has also been assisting her adopted refugee family! Thank you both for putting your faith in action!

Below is a list of items that the refugees are desperately in need of and the many ways you can donate your items, including a NEW DONATION BIN located OUTSIDE the NORFIELD CHURCH OFFICE.

Items may be ordered online and shipped to Susan Schnitzer (who will get them to CIRI) or they can be delivered directly to CIRI, but only on Tuesdays at the times listed below. For more information, please message ( Taffy Miller ) directly. Thank You!

Ship Online (Amazon) Orders to :
Susan Schnitzer
365 Gulf Street
Milford, CT 06460


Self Deliver to:
670 Clinton Ave
Tuesdays ONLY! 10am - 12pm and 2pm - 4pm

Items Needed:
1. Toilet paper
2. Tissue paper
3. Wet wipes ( Clorox. Lysol etc)
4. Baby wipes
5. Hand sanitizers
6. Disinfecting sprays
7. Paper towels
8. Diapers Sizes: 1,2,3,4yrs
9. Dish detergent
10. Laundry detergent
11. Floor cleaner
12. Bathroom cleaner
13. Kitchen cleaner
14. Hygiene kits: bar soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, body lotion, deodorant (men and women) shaving cream, disposable razors.
15. Baby kits: Baby powder, baby oil, baby shampoo, baby lotion, diaper rash cream.
16. First aid kits
17. Sewing kits (clients are making masks for the healthcare workers)
18. Gloves
19. Masks
Dear Norfielders,

Norfield Church has been approved for a loan* of $75,400 under the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act. (*The loan will be converted to a grant with proper documentation.) In the publicity leading up to the signing of the bill, March 27th, some of us were trying to figure out the terms and how the Church might apply. There was a lot of misinformation in the early days. The Trustees voted to pursue a loan on April 2nd. The Church applied just after midnight on April 3rd. I suspect we were first in line.

There were many hands in this effort, but I will mention only three. First, Rev. Wilson. After the first application was drafted, Rev. Wilson said what about health care costs? The initial draft included two months salaries, taxes and utilities. The revised version which included health care costs, insurance premiums and stuff, doubled our ask.

Board member, Bill Lomas called our branch manager at Fairfield County Bank in Weston and told her we're coming in to apply.

Next, Andrew Cumming. He gathered the information, filled out the application, multiple times and sent it to several of us to review. After submitting the application, he pestered the bank manager regularly to ask what was happening with the application.

Also, Norfield received a $6000 Economic Injury Disaster Loan which we will also not be obliged to pay back.

So, 26 days later (plus two weeks before we get the money) the system kind of worked. Maybe, we got some of the money the LA Lakers gave back. Definitely a plus to our bottom line.

However, as Kurt described in his recent email to the congregation, our income compared to previous years is trending downward. We must continue to be prudent with our expenditures.

But at this moment, we are pleased.

Stay safe and healthy.

Peace, Calvin Mew
Chair, Board of Trustees
Norfield Congregational Church
64 Norfield Rd. Weston,CT 06883