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January 2019
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NOW is the Time to Apply Fertilizer 
We Have the BEST Products on Sale Now!  
Cooler weather is here and it's time to fertilize.  Fertilizing now will strengthen the plant and help it recover from a long hot summer. It also promotes vigorous root growth, providing a great start next spring.
And the treatment helps the plant stay strong over the cooler conditions of the winter.   

A high nitrogen fertilizer with a slow-release components will feed consistently and without pushing the plant too much before the season ends. Always follow the manufacturer's recommended rate of application.  You may apply a fertilizer with a pre-emergent to control winter weeds if they have been a problem in the customer's lawn.  

An application when soil temperature is still relatively warm is essential. By helping roots grow before winter sets in, you are insuring that the lawn will green-up quicker in the spring and become more resistant to disease and drought.   
Normac has three recommended products on sale:   
1)  BEST 6-24-24XB for overseeding and winterizing $23.00/bag  
2)  BEST 21-2-4 Nitro King for winter growth  $18/bag
3)  Fescue Overseed Blend  25# bag $60/bag 
Limited time offer.  See store for full details.  
Muddy Area?  Use EasyTurf Artificial Turf Instead  
Inclement weather can ruin time spent outside. Puddles of rainwater and snow can wreak havoc on an expensive grass lawn. Rain can matte down yards, create bald spots and muddy patches, and oversaturate parts of the lawn. In addition to creating a dirty lawn, wet weather also leads to mud spreading around otherwise clean indoor surfaces.
And once the wet weather has passed, there is a still a period of waiting around for water to drain and dry. Real grass will take time to slowly drain, centimeter by centimeter. Artificial grass is the solution to this problem. EasyTurf products have superior drainage capabilities that quickly whisk water away. Artificial grass limits downtime spent waiting for the wet weather to pass.
In addition to limiting downtime, it can be expensive to reseed and bring life back into a damaged lawn. Bald patches and flooded zones are expensive issues to solve. Artificial grass, on the other hand, will look and feel great all year round, regardless of the weather season. EasyTurf artificial grass makes it easy to play and run around on the yard year round.
Install a French Drain in Half The Time!
Use EZ Flow from NDS   

EZ Flow Gravel Free French Drain System from NDS is proven to cut labor costs by 50% OR MORE - Try it for FREE - up to 50' from NDS.
The revolutionary EZ Flow gravel free french drain system from NDS is used in place of traditional gravel, pipe and trench liner combination for a variety of drainage applications.  
On a typical 50' French drain system, EZ Flow can be installed in under 10 minutes once the trench is dug.   This is an incredible labor savings that can allow contractors to double their efficiency.   There is no messy gravel clean up after the job - another key benefit that saves time.   Click here for a video that takes you through a side by side installation comparison of both EZFlow and a traditional French drain.  
To encourage you to see the difference, NDS is offering a free trial on the product.    Over 3,000 contractors have taken advantage of the EZflow Free Trial offer and more than 80% have used the product again after trying it.
Go to the NDS website to see case studies of EZ Flow installations, read technical data, check out a video and see common applications for the product.   Be sure to contact your local distributor about the NDS free product trial and get started saving money today!
Gluing in Wet Conditions?  Get Christy's!
Stay productive even in lousy weather!

Installing and repairing can't always wait for a perfect day.   Often you're working with wet pipes, fittings and muddy conditions.   Choose a solvent cement that's specifically formulated for wet conditions, like Christy's Wet or Dry.

Both of these products are formulated to work across a wide range of weather and site conditions.  They set and cure extremely fast, helping you maximize your productivity.

Keep your crews productive.   Learn more about solvent cementing in wet
conditions in this video:     
Joining PVC Pipe & Fittings in Wet Conditions with Christy's Wet or Dry Solvent Cement
Joining PVC Pipe & Fittings in Wet Conditions with Christy's Wet or Dry Solvent Cement
Offering Drainage Now Gives Your Customers The Benefit When They Need It
Quoting a landscaping project?   Offer the option of landscape drainage.   Surveys show that homeowners appreciate this recommendation and over half of the owners surveyed said they purchased the drainage option when it was offered.

Savvy contractors are adding a drainage option to landscape bids for every project to prevent future problems and provide property owners with added peace-of-mind. 

· Help prevent future problems
· Control erosion and washouts
· Keep water away from structures
· Add peace-of-mind for your customer

We offer a complete range of drainage solutions from ADS Drainage including pipe, fittings, catch basins, grates, culverts, leaching wells and more.

Ask us about drainage solutions for your next project.
ACE Connectors for Low Voltage Landscape Lighting
When making low voltage landscape lighting wire splices, time, aesthetics, and security are all important considerations. Good splices should:
-  Provide a solid mechanical connection with a fast cure
-  Be a secure & water-resistant connection eliminating re-work
-  Allow for quick and easy application
-  Offer a concealed design with a clean look
-  Eliminate bulky connections which diminish landscape aesthetics
-  Deliver long-lasting outdoor performance
The ACE Connector by King Innovation delivers! This weather-resistant connector is approved for use with low voltage landscape lighting. The ACE Connector system includes a solid brass screw-tight lug that is designed to dissipate heat quickly, delivering a cooler temperature at the splice. The fast-curing heat shrink is lined with a special sealant that surrounds splices protecting them from harsh elements and water intrusion. You will know the connection is dry and protected, avoiding costly re-work! Once installed, the splice lays flat against decks, trees, or on the ground for seamless and concealed connections.
Packaged with the brass lug, Allen wrench, and heat shrink, the installation will be simple and effective. Available in three sizes: small, medium, and large, the ACE Connector fittings cover a wide-range of wire combinations for all your low voltage landscape lighting needs.
Seven Profit Leaks to Stop NOW! 

You work too hard to let your profits be list to mistakes, inaccuracies and neglect. Review these tips and be sure you're capturing every dollar you can!
  1. Improve your bidding accuracy. Don't leave money on the table by bidding projects using bad data. Update your job cost history to reflect rising costs for materials, labor, labor burden and overhead. Use an estimating checklist to avoid forgotten items.
  2. Stop trying to work too many projects at once. Many contractors fall into the trap of saying "yes" to every opportunity. Suddenly your schedule is stretched, you're paying lots of overtime and efficiencies go out the window. Manage your workflow so it's a level, sustainable pace.
  3. Turn off marketing when you have too many leads. It's expensive to generate sales leads with Google AdWords and other advertising. If you're getting too many leads and not following up on them immediately, you're wasting money. A general rule of thumb: the first contractor on-site to give a quote has the best shot at the work. If you can't keep up with quotes, put ads on hold.
  4. If your gut tells you it will be a problem project, don't take it. Your experience and intuition mean a lot. If the project seems risky or if the customer seems flaky, pass on it and go somewhere else. Keep a written list of criteria you use to determine the best customers - the ones who seek your professional advice, don't ask for price cuts, and who pay on time. When a customer doesn't fit, don't take the job.
  5. Stop doing work for free. Avoid being the "nice guy" who forgets to write down and bill for all of the extras you do for clients. Those extra trips to the site, change orders and freebies add up to additional hours and costs for materials that can really be a drag on your bottom line.
  6. Fix quality problems that cause call-backs. Track warranty calls and causes so you can address field mistakes that lead to warranty work. Costly problems repeat when workers lack training or cut corners. Track down and eliminate root causes.
  7. Bargain brands can hurt your profits and your reputation. Avoid "off-brand" materials that have poor track records for quality. The small percentage savings from knock-off products can cost you dearly in free labor to do the warranty replacements.