Ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Costa Rica with Praying Pelican Missions, networking with local churches and connecting mission teams to  life- changing ministry opportunities.
Norman Kids on the Front Lines
The kids had a three week break from school this summer that happened to hit during the busiest time of the summer trip season.  At first, we were thinking, 'how is this going to work?" but it ended up being a great blessing. Usually the kids and Laura stay home because of school while Nate is gone leading trips.  Because of the break, the older three were able to serve for a full week in different communities here.  They were so excited to be able to "go" on a mission trip, and were willing to do whatever God had for them to do.  
Reagan Grace (age 12)

Reagan was so excited when Anna, our full time state side Missions Coordinator for Costa Rica, invited her and Abbi to join the trip she was leading in Bijagua, Costa Rica.  

Reagan was able to help translate, play with the local children, and build relationships with the team that was serving.  She loved being "Jr. Staff" and can't wait for the next opportunity to serve again on a trip!  She has also been able to join up with teams a few times after school to serve however she can.  It's a joy to watch her step out of her comfort zone to love on others!
Abigail Love (age 10)

Abbi's love for life and people was so evident as she served on her trip.  Anna sent several pictures of Abbi helping with crafts at the VBS they hosted, playing with children from the community, helping to translate, and jumping in to serve wherever she could.  We are so grateful to Anna for giving the girls this outlet to serve. They can't wait to go with her again next year!  

Abbi has been great when joining other teams when we can on Saturdays and after school.  She loves to make people laugh and isn't shy when it comes to meeting new people anymore.  She is so fun to watch as she shows Jesus' love to the people here.
Malachi Brehanu (age 8)

Malachi was beyond excited to serve for a full week with one of Nate's teams this summer. He did great translating, playing soccer, attempting to help in construction (yikes!), and brought a lot of joy to the people he served with.  

We are still getting messages from people saying how much they love and miss him!  He and the girls went with a team recently to serve for the day, and Malachi ended up translating the entire Bible story that was told to the children who gathered at a Feeding Program!  We pray that God continues to use Malachi's zeal and passion for people and life for His glory!
Isaiah Fitsum (age 5)
Isaiah stayed home with Mommy when his siblings were gone on trips for the week, but that didn't stop him from serving!  Every day, he and Laura drove over an hour to join the team that was serving with Nate and Malachi.  

Isaiah loves to help out on trips!  From passing things out, to joining in on the VBS programs, to helping with name tags, and especially his favorite ministry...face painting!  Isaiah had a long line of kids every day who only wanted him to paint their face!  He speaks Spanish very well, but only when he wants to, so it is fun to see him speaking to all of the people when he serves!
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A Tribute to "Grandad"
Laura's grandfather, Alvin Nick Deck, passed away on August 19th.  He was an amazing man, who loved people so much, especially his family.  He was a missionary all over the world, showing the love of the Father to everyone that he encountered. He was a southern gentleman, who oozed sweetness and kindness in every situation.  We are so grateful for the time we were able to spend with him last April.  Our hearts are aching as we are missing him, but our spirits are so full of joy knowing he is with his Creator, and has heard the words we all long to hear, "Well done, good and faithful servant." 

Laura will be traveling to northern Virginia this month in order to attend his memorial service on September 15. Please pray for Nathan as he will be home with the children!
Nathan, Laura, Darrell (in the USA), Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi,  & Isaiah
Introducing the newest addition to the Norman family, Lucy!