Advancing Industry Transformation
Fall 2020
From ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller
The Innovation Update informs you how ATIS is accelerating the pace of innovation in the information and communications technology industry. Our recently established Next G Alliance, for example, brings together leading industry stakeholders in the mobile ecosystem to help our industry deliver on the potential of 5G and look ahead to the next generation of mobile technologies -- 6G and beyond. Learn about this initiative and many others in this issue. Gain a comprehensive view of all our work at
ATIS Launches the Next G Alliance
Building the foundation for North American leadership in 6G and beyond.
The Next G Alliance is a bold, new industry-driven initiative to establish North American global leadership in 6G and beyond. Encompassing the full lifecycle of research and development, manufacturing, standardization and market readiness, ATIS' work is setting the foundation for a robust marketplace for U.S. innovation in future generations of communications technology.
Strategic Initiatives
ATIS is applying DLT to provide enterprise identity verification to authenticate the originating caller information in IP communication networks -- with more innovations in this area on the way.
As 5G makes new services and offerings to vertical markets become possible, mobile operators face new regulatory requirements. ATIS is developing a comprehensive view of U.S. 5G-mobile-standards-related regulatory requirements and working to ensure that 3GPP and ATIS standards' roadmaps are designed to help operators to meet these.
Helping Service Providers Expand Their Offerings in Vertical Markets
How can the complex enterprise network environment be optimized to deliver services and solutions to a diverse and growing set of vertical markets? Our Multi-Network Enterprise Solutions Initiative is discovering how.
Ensuring Integrity of the 5G Supply Chain
ATIS is applying Supply Chain Risk Management principles to the development of supply chain standards for trusted 5G networks and services. The goal is to secure the 5G supply chain in both the public and private sectors.
This webinar overviews completed 3GPP Release 16 work emphasizing how it will expand 5G capabilities and enhance the mobile system's technical performance. It also looks ahead to future 3GPP deliverables and their use cases.
Robocalling Mitigation
FCC Second Report & Order on STIR/SHAKEN Mandate
The FCC has released its Second Report and Order clarifying the application of its June 30, 2021 STIR/SHAKEN implementation mandate. The Commission also ordered the development of a Robocall Mitigation Program Certification applicable to almost all service providers.
Trusting Caller ID Again Webinar Series
The Secure Telephone Identity Governance Authority (STI-GA) is holding a series of three webinars to give practical information and answer question on setting SHAKEN into action in the network -- critical in the fight to mitigate illegal robocalling. The first webinar, entitled Getting Started - Registering with the STI-Policy Authority, was held on December 3, and is archived for playback here.

Mark your calendar. Attend these upcoming sessions in 2021:
  • January 21 - Working with a STI Certificate Authority
  • February 25 - Ready to Sign Calls - Now What?
Creating a Living Industry Resource for "All Things Robocalling"
In addition to its regulatory work, ATIS applies a holistic approach to understanding the industry’s technical needs in the fight against illicit robocalling and communication ID spoofing. A new initiative is delivering a coordinated view of mitigation efforts to look ahead to see what work will most effectively address the problem.
Standards and Solutions
Wireless Emergency Alerts Innovation
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai recently commended ATIS’ work on the Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) system and requested the development of best practices to further support the system. The WEA system is a critical tool for federal, state and local officials to warn the public about imminent threats.
New White Papers
Smart Cities Data Catalog Specification
5G Specifications in 3GPP: North American Needs for the 5G Future
Spotlight on 2021 Events
PEG Webinar Series
February 10, 17 and 24
Virtual WSTS
March 15 – 18
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