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Successful North Ave Safety Walk
Baltimore City Police Commissioner Kevin Davis Joins Midtown Baltimore, Charles North Community Association and other community groups for North Ave Safety Walk on June 6, 2016 - Stacey Johnson/Midtown Baltimore

On Monday, June 6th, Midtown Baltimore joined  Delegate Cory McCray and the  Central Baltimore Partnership for a North Ave safety walk with Police Commissioner Kevin Davis! The walk allowed us to discuss some safety concerns and highlighted some of the wonderful Charles North businesses such as:  The Charles Theater, Carroll School of DancePearson's Florist and  Joe Squared.

We want to send a big thank you to some of the partners who helped make the walk a success and who are committed to working with us to make Midtown safe: Charles North Community Association President Don Donahue; Police Majors Eric Russell, Steve Ward and Richard Gibson; and Station North Arts & Entertainment District President Cynthia Blake-Sanders.

See more pictures from the walk  on our Facebook page!
Mount Vernon Dog Park Now Open!
Howards Park Dog Park - WBFF
Mount Vernon's new dog park is now open! Howards Park Dog Park officially opened its doors to district-area pooches on Saturday, June 18th, with a grand opening event that brought out local pups, pet-lovers and even Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

For more information about the park and when it'll be open, please visit their Facebook page.
Midtown Community Benefits District Reauthorized!
Midtown Community Benefits District Executive Director Michelle Wirzberger, Esq. speaks at public reauthorization hearing on April 14, 2016
The Midtown Community Benefits District was originally created by ordinance 95-613 pursuant to authorization from the Maryland General Assembly that allowed Baltimore City government to create community benefits districts. In 1997, the General Assembly passed a law requiring that it reauthorize community benefits districts every four years, but in 2000 transferred the reauthorization power to the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore City.

So now, every four years, the leadership of the Midtown Community Benefits District must demonstrate that the organization offers good value to the residents of the District and that it should be reauthorized and permitted to continue its functions. With the District set to expire as of June 2016, Councilmen Eric Costello (11th City Council District) and Carl Stokes (12th City Council District) introduced City Council Bill# 16-0620 which sought to renew the Midtown Community Benefits District through June 30, 2020. The bill was referred to the Urban Affairs and Aging Committee which held a public hearing on the matter on April 14, 2016. Midtown Board Vice-Chair Adrian Harpool and Michelle Wirzberger, Executive Director, testified before the committee and emphasized the important work being done in Bolton Hill, Mount Vernon, Madison Park and Charles North.

After unanimous final approval by the City Council on Monday, May 2, 2016, the Mayor signed the bill which allows Midtown to continue to work to keep our neighborhoods  Clean , Green  and  Safe for 4 more years!  We certainly want to thank our City Councilmembers, Council President Jack Young and Mayor Rawlings-Blake for their continued support of our efforts. 
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Repurpose Your Old Trash Cans

Don't you hate seeing empty milk bottles and cardboard flying around on recycling day? If so, don't throw away your old trash cans when you receive your new one from the city's municipal trash can program. Use them for recycling instead!
Your old trash cans can be transformed into sturdy recycling bins with lids by simply placing the below sticker on them. Repurposing your old cans for recycling is another way to help Midtown in our mission of keeping the district clean, green and safe!
To request a sticker from Midtown, email us at and we will mail it out to you ASAP! 

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The Midtown Community Benefits District is a citizen-run neighborhood advocacy and improvement group authorized by law in 1996 to provide security and sanitation services along with promotional activities for four communities: Bolton Hill, Charles North, Madison Park and Mount Vernon/Belvedere. Its efforts are funded by a taxpayer-approved property tax surcharge. Midtown was created by voter referendum in an effort to make our neighborhoods stronger, better places to live and work


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Midtown Community Benefits District 
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