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November 2021 - In This Issue:

  • North Carolina: The Frontline of the Future for the Defense Industry

  • Special Navy Week Virtual Workshop on November 3

  • SBA Supporting Veteran-Owned Small Businesses

  • Transfer of the Veteran Small Business Verification Program to SBA

  • Meet Pamela Racer

  • GCAP Counselor Pamela Racer Gains Certification

  • Success Story: Armogan Consulting & Training LLC
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The Government Contracting Assistance Program is a business and technology extension program of the UNC System. Our purpose is to generate employment and improve the general economic condition of the state by assisting North Carolina companies, including those eligible for business development programs for local, state, and federal government contracts. We provide government contracting assistance by offering no-fee and confidential counseling on selling your products and/or services to the appropriate local, state or federal government agency.



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November 3, 2021


Doing Business with the Department of the Navy (DON)

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November 9, 2021


SBA's Small Business Certification Programs

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November 18, 2021

K.E. White Graduate Center

1704 Weeksville Road

Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Let's Build Together Subcontractor Event (Session #4)

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December 16, 2021

K.E. White Graduate Center

1704 Weeksville Road

Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Let's Build Together Subcontractor Event (Session #5)

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North Carolina: The Frontline of the Future for the Defense Industry

Pamela Racer, Western Carolina GCAP Counselor


According to data provided by the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina (EDPNC), North Carolina offers many valuable university and industry partnerships with the Department of Defense (DoD) and the intelligence communities. These long-standing relationships, combined with a robust defense industrial base that invests heavily in future technologies, makes North Carolina a premier location for defense companies and DoD innovation initiatives.

North Carolina also holds the nation's highest share of Industry Funded University Research. Our universities lead innovation with centers of excellence in key defense-related fields, and North Carolina’s private sector has made significant investments in R&D for cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and machine learning, human performance, advanced engineering, electronics, biomedical, and aerospace advancements, to name just a few.

The North Carolina Education System boasts 53 colleges and universities, 58 community colleges, and 10 HBCUs. Additionally, we have 29,000 STEM graduates and award 150,000+ postsecondary degrees and certificates each year. North Carolina universities leverage dual-use technology to partner with US military commands. Partnerships include: United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC), National Security Agency (NSA), 82nd, XVIIIth Airborne Corps, and many others.

With seven major military bases, 100,000+ active and reserve military members, and 18,000+ veterans transitioning to the commercial workforce every year, North Carolina is committed to supporting our military members and their families now and in the future. The state’s Military Affairs Commission and the NC Department of Military and Veterans Affairs facilitate military-related matters and have direct access to the governor and state legislators. 

The SBTDC's Government Contracting Assistance Program (GCAP) aims to provide specialized and professional technical assistance to individuals and businesses that are seeking to pursue and successfully perform under contracting and subcontracting opportunities with federal, state and local governments. The GCAP Counselors can help simplify the process of selling to the government, including helping your business:

  • Identify the products/services governments are looking to purchase and the amounts they wish to buy
  • Meet requirements necessary to compete for contracts
  • Review and improve bids and proposals
  • Interpret complex regulations.

You can learn more at https://sbtdc.org/programs/gcap/about-us/

Special Navy Week Virtual Workshop on November 3

The North Carolina SBTDC and the South Carolina SBDC's Government Contracting Assistance Programs (GCAP) are hosting the Department of the Navy (DON) Office of Small Business Programs (OSMP) as they lead a virtual workshop educating small businesses on how to compete for contracting opportunities with the US Navy.

If doing business with the US Navy is on your radar, register today to attend this free special Navy Week workshop!

Click here to register.

SBA Supporting Veteran-Owned Small Businesses


Join us as we celebrate veteran-owned businesses across the country from November 1-5, 2021. View the list of virtual National Veterans Small Business Week events taking place across the country.

Join the conversation on social media by following Boots to Business on Twitter and Facebook and using the hashtag #VetBiz.


The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) celebrates, connects, and empowers aspiring and current service members, veterans, National Guard and Reserve members, and military spouse entrepreneurs during National Veterans Small Business Week. During the week, SBA and its extensive partner network celebrate the strength and resilience of the #VetBiz community by hosting events across the country and sharing information about the resources available to veteran entrepreneurs.

The Office of Veterans Business Development works through SBA’s extensive resource partner network, which includes Small Business Development Centers, SCORE, Women’s Business Centers, and 22 Veterans Business Outreach Centers (VBOC) located throughout the nation. VBOCs are also the leading partner in hosting the “Boots to Business” and “Boots to Business Reboot” programs, which offer courses on entrepreneurship on military installations and in local communities. Since the program’s inception in 2013, Boots to Business has trained and graduated more than 143,955 service members, veterans, National Guard and Reserve members, and military spouses.

For more information on the resources available for veteran entrepreneurs, visit www.sba.gov/veterans.

Discover transition assistance resources like Boots to Business or connect with your local Veterans Business Outreach Center to develop your business plan, receive marketing tips, and access government contracting opportunities.

Transfer of the Veteran Small Business Verification Program to SBA

Information provided by Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (APTAC)

The Department of Veterans Affairs, which awards a large amount of contracts to veterans, sets aside contracts for veterans through their Vets First Verification Program. Their program is not the same as SBA’s program for self-verification in SAM. To get access to set-aside Veterans Affairs contracts, your business must be verified through the Vets First Verification Program. Currently, veteran-owned small businesses interested in being certified by the Federal Government receive their certification through the VA. To streamline this process with all other small business certification programs, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2021 officially requested that CVE’s (Center for Verification and Evaluation) responsibilities be transferred to the SBA by January 1, 2023.


The CVE program plays an essential role in creating opportunities for veteran-owned small businesses across the country. It ensures that veteran-owned small businesses (VOSB) and service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses (SDVOSB) can compete for set-aside and sole source contracts through the VA. Eligible VOSBs and SDVOSBs must be verified before they can participate in the program.


Transferring CVE responsibility to the SBA makes sense because the SBA already manages all other government-wide socioeconomic programs for VOSBs and SDVOSBs. The transfer will help eliminate any confusion and redundancy in the roles between the VA and the SBA, providing VOSBs and SDVOSBs with a one-stop shop for their small business certification and contracting needs. Because of this transition, veterans who own and operate small businesses will be able to benefit further from the full complement of services that SBA has to offer within its field offices and its Office of Government Contracting and Business Development, including its Mentor-Protégé Program, small business training series, and other programs meant to aid small businesses. VOSBs or SDVOSBs previously verified by the VA will not lose their status at the time of program transfer. Self-certified SDVOSBs will now be required to apply for SBA verification. Starting January 1, 2023, there will be a one-year grace period to apply with the SBA. During the grace period, the company can continue to use its self-certification for non-VA contracts until an SBA determination is made.


There is no immediate action required for veteran small business owners at this time. The VA and the SBA are committed to being transparent and providing a seamless transition with minimal impact to veteran small business participants. Both agencies will keep all stakeholders, including VOSBs and SDVOSBs, updated on the new CVE processes.


Verification Assistance Counselors

VA trains and certifies Verification Assistance Counselors through its Verification Assistance Counseling Program. Under this program, counselors are trained to provide application assistance to SDVOSBs/VOSBs that are interested in becoming verified. VA-certified Verification Assistance Counselors work with applicants to:

  • Offer insight regarding 38 CFR Part 74 and CFR Part 125
  • Review a firm’s business model
  • Assist owners with resource tools
  • Review documents for application submission

Counseling services are available at Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC) throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Guam at no cost. Veteran business owners are encouraged to contact a counselor in the state where their business is licensed or permitted to operate. (Information provided by APTAC).

GCAP counselors with the NC SBTDC are all certified Verification Assistance Counselors. We are available to support veterans at any phase of the verification process.

Meet Pamela Racer

Western Carolina GCAP Counselor


Q: What motivated you to join the SBTDC as a Government Contracting Counselor?

A: After having worked supporting prime contractors for over 25 years, I decided to change direction on how my career supported the military and veteran workforce. From 1992 to 2017, my job supported the Maritime Prepositioning Program with the USMC at Blount Island Command in Jacksonville, Fla. The sense of pride you receive from partnering with the military in supporting the “war fighter” effort is something that becomes ingrained in your spirit. Words cannot express the respect for the remarkable people who place their lives on hold in order to serve this country. The men and women contracting specialists made it their passion to partner with the industry prime contractors in order to provide the “war fighters” with whatever they needed to get the job done. Moving to North Carolina afforded me the opportunity to work with Western Carolina University and the SBTDC in supporting veterans, veteran-owned businesses, women-owned businesses, and disadvantaged businesses by working as a counselor to these diverse companies supporting the defense industry supply chain.

Q: What are your sector specialties? 

A: Working in the contracting and program planning arena, my experience primarily revolved around contract deliverables, pricing, and compliance issues. I hold a Green Belt certification in ISO and have served as a facilitator for audits, compliance assessments, and transaction testing. I have completed, submitted, and successfully negotiated final rates for Incurred Cost reports on Firm Fixed Price, T&M, IDIQ, CPFF, CPAF, and Cost Reimbursable contracts. I have performed pricings for on-contract growth, overseas programs, and extensive labor projects. I have worked with DCAA on transactional testing, forward rate assessments, post award audits, labor compliance, and invoicing approval/review.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working with small and mid-sized businesses? 

A: Talking with business owners and their teams. There is always something new to learn. When an owner shares their story of why they started the company, how passionate they are about their customers, why providing the product/service is more than a job, how it’s more like a mission for them. I especially enjoy working with veteran-owned businesses. These men and women have sacrificed so much in their life to serve our country. Instead of doing something for themselves after their service, they get involved in supporting the business community with jobs, products, and services. Being able to provide resources and assistance for them is an honor. The real reward comes when they get their first contract!!

GCAP Counselor Pamela Racer Gains Certification

Pamela Racer was recently awarded the Associate Procurement Professional (APP) certification from the Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (APTAC). This certification takes a minimum of two years to qualify for and represents a commendable achievement on Pamela's part. Way to go!

Success Story

Armogan Consulting & Training LLC

Pamela Racer, Western Carolina GCAP Counselor


Armogan Consulting & Training LLC is a company devoted to the delivery of public safety training measures for federal, state, and local organizations as well as individuals. Armogan is based out of Western North Carolina and provides training programs available across the nation. The company’s name is a 19th century naval term that means it’s a perfect day for a new journey and that’s how the company feels toward training delivery, regardless of if it is a large government agency or an individual person. Armogan was founded by former naval aircrewman Frank McGaha who also has had an exceptional career as Federal Law Enforcement Officer and instructor.


Armogan contacted SBTDC for guidance on SAM registration and was directed through the process by the GCAP. In addition to helping them understanding the requirements and modules in SAM, the GCAP was able to provide registration in a database providing a daily listing of federal, state, and local contracting opportunities. With the guidance of SBTDC, Armogan was able to sign a continuous agreement to teach CPR/AED/first aid training to companies and individuals in the Western North Carolina, Northern South Carolina, and Eastern Tennessee areas. The resulting growth in business has enabled Armogan to release a new web-based training academy for law enforcement officers titled Armogan Shield Academy. Frank has expressed his excitement for the new program allowing an individual law enforcement officer to receive advanced training in areas such as tactical medicine, de-escalation, and much more. With the development of the training program these individual law enforcement members have training access without the heavy price tag and department endorsement that usually prevents the single officer from gaining this much need professional development. A notable point of the program is its private community where law enforcement across the country can share knowledge and experience to better the profession as a whole.


Armogan’s growth in the past year and half since establishment has been extraordinary. They continue to develop new curriculum and training programs to meet the ever-changing demands that society requires. Frank’s determination to provide the country with the highest training standards and public safety capabilities is the driving force behind Armogan’s continued growth. He has credited the SBTDC and GCAP as mentors to the company. Many share the excitement of Armogan Consulting & Training LLC's current success and accomplishments while waiting to see what new innovative measure they develop next for the public safety community. To learn more, visit www.armoganct.com.


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