Weekly Check-In 3/24/2020
Letter from your Region Missionary
Dear friends in Christ,

I hope this letter finds you well, safe, and healthy. I cannot even begin to imagine all the ways in which each of our lives has been turned upside down by the coronavirus - daily routines, work, finances, health, social life, church life, and so much more. Very little feels normal right now. In this time of uncertainty, as Christians in particular, we are reminded that we are not without hope. We know that God is present with us in our uncertainties and our sorrows as we come to terms with this season of COVID-19. I have seen many people expressing on social media that they never planned to give this much up for Lent, surely none of us did. Yet, in this time of fasting we are also finding new ways to feed our souls -- perhaps you are participating in online worship and zoom chats; maybe you are finding time to read a book that has been sitting on your nightstand for far too long; or perhaps you are starting a new craft project or finishing one you left for a rainy day. Whatever feeds you I hope you make abundant time to rest, laugh, and play. On the right is a picture of me with my 2-year-old newfie pup, Hannah. The pups, I think, are delighted to have so much more time with me, and I with them. It is especially a gift to be with my old girl, Zoe, who has spent the past week curled up at my feet.
The Rev. Erin Flinn
NC Region Missionary eflinn@episcopalct.org
Mobile: 860-966-3742
During this season of social distancing, I will be sending out weekly updates from the North Central Region to help keep us connected. If there is any way that I support you and your community at this time, please reach out. Are you wanting to connect with other people in the region around a topic or simply to check-in? Let me know and we can look into hosting a space in Zoom together. This is a time for creativity, so let's brainstorm together.

To everyone who has sent in a story for the NC Region Quarterly , THANK YOU for your reflections -- I am hoping to share those stories very soon. In the meantime if you are looking to catch up on some excellent stories, I highly recommend that you check out the ECCT Stories Blog and Podcast.

Finally, please do make sure that you are signed up to received the ECCT weekly eNews as that is the best way to stay informed on all the ways our diocese is working together to weather this storm.

Be safe my friends, pray, laugh, love, rest. For all who are still in the community providing essential care for us all -- Thank you.
Resources from ECCT
Please be sure to sign-up for ECCT eNews if you do not receive this communication already. In this rapidly evolving situation it is the best way to get up to date info. from our Bishops and ECCT community.
See all updates, event statuses, and resources involving ECCT and the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) virus here: https://www.episcopalct.org/covid-19-coronavirus-updates/ This page will be continually updated as new information becomes available.
ZOOM Call for Clergy & Wardens with the Bishops Every Wednesday at 8:30 AM. Clergy and wardens are welcome to join a conversation with Bishop Ian T. Douglas and Bishop Laura J. Ahrens to discuss resources during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Zoom info on ECCT Home Page.
Can't make the morning meeting? Record meetings available on our COVID-19 Page.
Ministering to the Homeless in this time of COVID-19 - Wednesday, March 25, 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Join us for a zoom meeting hosted by Bishop Laura J. Ahrens and Deacon Bonnie Matthews to share and discuss ministries to support the homeless in our communities, particularly addressing Food Pantry Ministries, Soup Kitchens, Feeding Programs and sheltering needs. Registration Required - Click Here.
Resources from the North Central Region
Is Your Parish Survey Up to Date?
One of the best ways for us to get in touch with parish leaders is through the contact information collected in the Parish Survey -
Have questions? Reach out to Matt Handi at mhandi@episcopalct.org
ANNOUNCEMENT OF JOY! On Tuesday, March 23 @ 6 PM, Rev. Mary Barnett, Curate at Church of the Holy Trinity, Middletown was ordained to the priesthood at The Commons -- Thanks be to God for this moment of Hope.
NC Region Warden's Zoom Gathering. Tuesday, March 31 @ 6 PM - This is an opportunity for Wardens to gather on Zoom for an informal conversation to ask questions, reflect, and share new ideas. We are all in this together! For Zoom info visit it our Region Website: https://www.episcopalct.org/northcentral
A few priests and lay leaders are interested in working together to offer Region worship opportunities as either a supplemental resource or as a primary resource, depending on the needs of their community. If this is something you would be interested in exploring please email our Region Missionary eflinn@episcopalct.org .
Looking for a place to try online worship? For an ongoing list of ECCT Parishes hosting Livestream service click here and scroll to the link at the bottom of the page. Don't see your community listed? Email our Region Missionary, Erin Flinn at eflinn@episcopalct.org & ecctcommunications@episcopalct.org
Are you looking for children's formation?
St. John's, West Hartford - Rev. Margie Baker, Curate who oversees the children's ministry, is making videos for children’s chapel to be shared on Sunday mornings on YouTube. Click here to watch & share: https://youtu.be/0LrXmCuJRTU 
Virgin Online Happy Hour - Offered by our Cathedral. Let us join in fellowship each Thursday, Thurs.6:00 - 6:45 pm. via zoom!  Click here to join.
Do you enjoy sewing? Want to put those sewing skills to good use? Orders for standard/disposable masks are on long back-orders, due to both demand and supply chain issues. Other hospitals across the country are reporting the same supply concerns. Click here for more info.
~ Region Calendar Updates ~
Our Potlucks scheduled for March & April have been POSTPONED. The parishes are eager to host us in the future, stay tuned for new dates. Thank you Church Church, Middle Haddam and St. Gabriel's, East Berlin -- We'll see you soon!
Our North Central Region Convocation, originally scheduled for May 2, has been POSTPONED.
Communications for the North Central Region
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