Insurance Commissioner Encourages Insurance Companies to Cover Delivery Services

North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread announced yesterday that his office has issued a bulletin encouraging personal auto insurers to extend coverage on personal auto policies to include coverage when the policy holder is delivering food, medicine, or other essential goods.  This bulletin is temporary, and will be rescinded when the Governor lifts the executive order limiting operations of bars and restaurants.

If you have employees who are delivering goods on behalf of your business, please encourage them to contact their personal auto insurance carriers to ensure they have the appropriate coverage.  To contact the Insurance Department directly, click here.

Tax Commissioner Announces Tax Deadline 

Yesterday afternoon, Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger joined Governor Burgum at his daily press conference to discuss tax filing deadlines.  Commissioner Rauschenberger clarified that North Dakota's income tax filing and payment deadlines will be extended to July 15 to mirror the federal extension.

Commissioner Rauschenberger also discussed filing deadlines for other tax types, including sales, lodging, and other hospitality specific tax types.   He encouraged businesses that need additional time to remit these taxes to reach out individually to his office and apply for a 30 day extension to these deadlines.

ServSafe Offers Free Online Courses and Materials for COVID-19 Response

ServSafe is the nation's premiere program for preparing restaurant and foodservice workers to deliver safe dining experiences for their guests, while also keeping themselves safe. ServSafe training is a comprehensive program covering topics like cooking temperatures, safe storage, and cross contamination, as well as hygiene, sanitation, and other risk mitigation activities. Because of the challenges presented by COVID-19, ServSafe has developed a number of free resources aimed at keeping restaurant workers and the dining public safe.

ServSafe Food HandlerNow through April 30, get the essential training every restaurant and foodservice worker needs to keep guests and themselves safe for FREE! This offer includes both the online training and assessment.

ServSafe Takeout and Delivery COVID-19 PrecautionsTwo new, free training videos that address COVID-19 precautions for takeout and delivery. 

Coronavirus Downloadable Info and ResourcesGet resources and stay informed of the latest updates from the National Restaurant Association and other authoritative sources including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The free downloadable resources provide guidance operators and restaurant worker on the coronavirus pandemic.
Additional COVID-19 Resources

For general information on COVID-19 and containing its spread, including resources for the public, parents and students, and businesses, visit the ND Department of Health.

For information specific to businesses and employers, including financial, labor, insurance, and tax resources, visit the ND Department of Commerce.

Information on unemployment benefits, as well as the online filing process for benefits, can be found at  
Job Service North Dakota.

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